Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, are we tough enough to make? Have we got enough backbone from our ancestors to cut the mustard one more time and reclaim our inheritance? Our scriptures say we are to have dominion over all creatures here on the earth and I reckon that goes for soulless bastards too. And we sure do have a wide selection of soulless to choose from.

I have been sitting out on my porch sorta mediating on the small lake down below. There is a goose that lives on our lake. And as a young goose it bonded with a row boat used by the little lady who fed the goose. Now she is in her first year of college and the goose is on it's own. The goose followed that little rowboat around that lake when ever her mistress was using it. It became the goose's master, sort of. It's like some women who have a very silent husband. He doesn't say much and so the women will make up in their mind what he is thinking about. It's all a fantasy but that's the way it is. But this goose hangs out on the shore, eating grass and what not, around that boat. I sometimes wonder what thoughts pass through her mind about that boat. "He's so smart he can just ignore me." "He can go weeks without even moving." And the game goes on and on. But that dumb goose is like America! It's like America being promised change, with no explanation of said change, and worshipping a candidate for office. And the ignorant goose/electorate makes up the whole story as life goes on. And that is because they did not listen to some old shit who knows the story of the goose. And you can explain the goose and talk about it bonding with the boat but they won't look past that and see themselves. Life is funny that way. Back in the early 70's the Old Man had an idea that we would call our movement the ICU which stood for International Communal Utopia. But looking beyond the name is the concept of "I see you." I know what you are. I know what makes your clock tick. And you can't fathom my mind for you are a stupid goose. It is all a matter of looking beyond the material, the visible, and finding the real reason behind what we see with our eyes. When you see the electorate acting in a highly stupid and unreasonable manner then you know it is just a goose and subject to error. Stay away from that shit. Don't get involved. You have better things to do.

Gonna have fried chicken for supper tonight. I absolutely love fried chicken. It's hard to fry anymore. The chicken pieces are so thick you can hardly get it done. The Handmaiden has to boil it first to get it cooked and then fry it. The wonders of Chemistry and modern science. And modern science is what it takes to properly cook the stuff. You can go to Golden Corral in town and they can serve you up some very good chicken but I cannot afford their machinery to do it. They probably use 200 or 300 pound of it a day and I am not in that league. So, the Handmaiden has to use her tricks to get the job done for I cannot abide underdone chicken. I won't eat it.

The price of gold is going up and down a bit all the time. I liked one writers opinion that said gold was not getting more expensive but rather the dollar was getting to be worth less and less all the time. Made perfect sense to me. Someone figured out that what a dollar would buy right before the Federal Reserve took over now takes over $23 to acquire. The federal reserve is supposed to protect us against inflation. And they have never done that. And the Obama administration is going to inflate our currency like crazy to pay off our debts around the globe. Sure will be some unhappy bond holders when that happens. Wouldn't be too bad if we got raises that took care of the inflation and what it does to our wallets, but we are not going to get them. The capitalistic system is being wiped out in this country. Only the supper rich will have what it takes to go their own way. The rest of us will have to beg to live at our retreats and sustain ourselves as best we can. Hard times are not here yet, for most of us, but they are damn sure coming. Hell, 70% of us still have jobs. But that is going to end quickly and we have been warned. Then all of that stuff you have accomplished while prepping will be of good cheer. Just don't let anyone take it from you. And they will damn sure try. Don't doubt that. I aim to make it my policy that they will fail if they come to my house. You do the same. And stay alive.



Andrea said...

Regarding chicken...for the best doggone fried chicken ever, soak it in buttermilk overnight (or at least 6-8 hours). I know it sounds strange, but OMG! It's tender and juicy and puts Golden Corral to shame. Our roosters meat their maker tomorrow and I can't wait to fry one up!

By any chance, have you watched any of the 2012/Webbot/Survivalist shows that have been on the past week? There's been 3 or 4 of them on major networks and dang if some of them aren't scary!

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"unovive"..."One life"?

ErinAndBrad said...

Super analogy - I feel sorry for the goose but I am loosing patience with the sheeple. It really does not take a whole lot of brains to find the truth as long as you can type in the little rectangle of google.

Dannistan said...

I enjoyed your “Goose” analogy and the comparison to the “sheeple” excellent. How many will go quietly to Fema Camps or Urban Processing Centers? My grandparents constantly reminded us grand kids of the horrors of being passive in Germany, Vishay France and Poland and the need for survival and resistance was always emphasized. “Better to be shot and die a free man as opposed to a slave” was drilled into our heads at every gathering along with training and hints on being a little “resistance” fighters.
I read your blog every day…keep up the great work. Viva Le Prepper, Viva Le RĂ©sistance! I think I hear La Marseillaise in the background!


Pete Smith said...

Most of the sheeple will do as they have always done. Follow the great leader and walk right into the FEMA camp and maybe with a smile. I think most of the sheeple think the great obama will save them. This country is going down a road we will not return from. Work on your preps and get yourself and your family ready.