Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Overcast this morning but there is sunlight in my heart. I have the word that Remus is gonna put out a powdered egg recipe on his Woodpile Report tonight. Hot damn! I do want to make powdered eggs. They are good for you and they are not cheap if you have to buy them. But if the morons of society can produce them then we preppers can damn well do it also. Brains are what it takes and the preppers have more of them than any other group of people I know. I am thinking about all that protein being stored away. Range fed Amish eggs reduced to a storable, usable, powder. Not the snotty, watery eggs you get at the store. Good stuff that will keep you strong. You can read the Woodpile Report at http://woodpilereport.com/ tonight. Remus is pretty good about getting it out when there is still time left in the day to read it. Enjoy.

Checking the financial reports this morning brought me the news that the dollar is below 75 cents this morning. Now you know we are in the midst of a recovery and all of that and we will not be getting any cost of living allowance for our social security this year because we have it so damn good, but there is a hint of inflation on the screen today. We will be cutting back on meat anyhow so as long as I can keep the protein intake up with eggs I will be okay. There is also rice and beans too. And cornbread and beans. And hunting and fishing. Hell, we'll get real healthy as soon as this economy craters! Hah!

I have been reading an article on Lew Rockwell about some Russians who say we are headed into a very, very cold temperature time. Maybe another Ice Age. I know how to prep for that. I'll get me a back pack and some walking shoes, a Ruger 10/22 for protection and game getting along with plenty of ammo, and a damn fine compass. And then I will head South. I'll have me some warm clothes in the pack and some emergency rations of some sort and then it is off to Mexico! And if that ain't enough I will be off to Ecuador. But I will find SOMEPLACE warm to live for a while. When I get there I will be in fine physical condition, if I make it. But I don't know that it is a really pressing issue at this time. If I am fortunate to be able to drive down South I will take some Grape cuttings to get myself a little business going when I get to warmer climes.

Things are looking very bad on the economic front this week. The dollar is down in 74 cent range. One alternative economist says when ti gets to the 72 cent range we have collapse. I have said 71 cents would get it. Gold is up like a monster and silver went up $1 an ounce today. The media is crowing that the dollar devaluation is going to make our exports sell well overseas. Michael asks, "What exports?" Treasury bonds? This export thing is a joke of the worst magnitude. We don't have a manufacturing base to make anything to export. It's all a joke. So get ready. I think the time is at hand. And I could be full of shit too. But it just looks to me that God is getting ready to flush the whole damn system. Inflation is what is driving the price of gold and silver up. It will drive up the price of our food. But it likely won't drive up the price of your wages. Folks working for the fedgov should make out okay but us peons will have to bite the bullet and make out the best we can.m Pay no attention the the stock market and so called leading indicators. Watch that dollar price! The system IS THE DOLLAR and when it goes the whole damn thing will fall. Get your preps in order and get them stored away. Order some non-hybrid seed to grow your food next year. These are the things that will save your life and keep you out of FEMA camps. And I hope to God you avoid the FEMA camps. Stay free. Stay out of the clutches of the state. Feed your family. If you ain't got as clan together then you are missing out on the top drawer of survivalism. Stay out of armed camps that profess to be militias. They will be loaded with fedgov spies and snitches. Only those extremely close to you should know what you have and what you are doing. Stay alive, please.




Andrea said...

OP seeds are my next major purchase, probably right after Christmas. The seed catalogs are just starting to roll in, and it makes me feel like a kid again--- remember when you used to get those big, thick toy catalogs every year right before the holidays? That's how I feel looking through my seed catalogs now LOL.

Chief Instructor said...

You hit so many excellent points here.

FYI - if you go to YouTube there are a bunch of videos on how to do the powdered eggs. Basically, you fry them up without oil, spread the eggs on either a cookie sheet or dehydrator stray, and dry them out. Run the dried eggs through a grinder, and you have powdered eggs. Two tbs water with one tbs powder equals one egg.

A radio station I was listening to this weekend had two different talking heads making assuring sounds about how great the dollar is right now. They mentioned how it will make the exports more affordable. I literally screamed at the radio asking WHAT CAN WE SELL THEM?

One of them also mentioned that in the aggregate, American business has recently squirreled away over one trillion dollars in cash.

This guy's spin was along the lines of "All that money will be used to make new hires and buy more goods, and blah, blah, blah."

Really? If they were so confident, why aren't they making the new hires NOW? They are hoarding cash because of uncertainty, period.

The only Green Shoots we have right now are growing in the BS Obama is shoveling our way. The next time profit reports are released, go to the WSJ or one of the other financial sites and compare year-to-year SALES (not profit) figures. Generally, you'll find a steep decline in sales. They're making their profits by cutting costs, not growing the business.

You can only cut so far before you're no longer a viable entity. Death By A Thousand Cuts...

Pete Smith said...

I have powdered eggs in the #10 cans I bought a year ago. But I paid big bucks for them. It would be some go info to know how to do it yourself.
And Michael I think you are right our time is so very short. I feel the dollar is on it's last leg. All we can do it kick up the preps and do as much as we can in the last days. And as I always say the evil is just over the hill.


Mayberry said...

Michael, swing by and pick me up on your way down... You bring the grapes, I'll bring the barley and hops! And the fishing is awesome down there...

Trini Airguns said...

Hey Michael, you're welcome to come to the Caribbean, where it's always warm & sunny.