Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Remember when you fellas were a lot younger, in school and dealing with those raging hormones. Some times you just had to do something so you did it. You came up behind a girl and snapped her bra strap. And boy oh boy, did that ever piss 'em off. But we are looking at another snap coming in the future and it ain't hormonal. other than maybe adrenalin. We are talking about the snap society is going to do when the SHTF. The fedgov can get away with it's low life propaganda right now and people will fall for it. They want to fedgov to be right in saying that the recession is over. It is what the people want to hear. They want to hear that Daddy Obama has successfully gotten them out of the poverty and misery we were headed into. Millions unemployed and living off of unemployment compensation. Factories, the ones we still had, were shutting down and the economists were saying they would never open up again. Fearful words to a stupid and decadent citizenry. The average American citizen does not have the intelligence to wipe his own ass. And that is crude and crass and all of that stuff but it happens to be true.

The next collapse is going to make us a third world country with a huge poverty base for the rich to milk as they see fit. And you will bow or you will starve. I ain't going to starve but a lot of the citizenry is going to meet that ignoble end. Poverty unheard of is going to sweep this country. And the citizenry will finally wake up. At least to the point at they will be ready to do something besides give Obama another term. And if the election were to be held tomorrow they would probably re-elect him. They are that stupid. But they will have to set their stupidity aside when the next collapse comes. They will have to get plugged in to reality or starve. They will not like reality but it damn sure beats going hungry, or watching your wife and kids go hungry. They will be on the march to something better and if it ain't available they will burn and rob and kill until they find something better. And I can't say that I blame them. I just happen to be fortunate enough to have woke up in time to prepare when I still had a chance. There will be lots of folks who will not get the chance to prepare. My heart goes out to them.

But the cities will burn and the stores will be looted and then the march to the country will begin. And it is going to be a real heavy march. The city folks have this idea in their heads that the country is where the food is. Well, that ain't the whole truth. The country is where the medium of production of food is, called dirt. But dirt is not readily edible. You have to put seeds in it and wait awhile for plants to develop and crops produced. And anyone with half a lick of sense knows that. But the hordes from the city will come looking for food out in the country and there won't be any stopping them. They will be armed and unless you can successfully oppose a hostile group you will find yourself conquered and at the mercy of some rude dudes. And there ain't going to be any mercy. If there was mercy they would not be on the road as it is.

So when they come to kill you and rob you and molest you and your friends and family, you kill them first. The will have snapped mentally and are not deserving of much more than a quick death. And that is a hard thing to say but it will be a hard time and hard decisions will have to be made. This country's mentality is soft at the core and you may as well face that. They won't tell Obama or China to shove it but they will certainly kill you and take your food and supplies and use them for themselves. And they will be desperate. We will getting down to the basics by then and by basics I mean calories. It will take energy to get to you if you live outside of town and they don't have energy to give away. They have to make every move count. And they do not want to march all the way back to their base or their town and not get fed. So be accurate and precise in your defense. Don't let up and let them regroup and try you again, for they will do better the second time they attack. Hit them hard and press the attack as hard as you can. Don't leave a single one of them alive. And drag their bodies to the road and let them rot. Let the next bunch that comes to kill you see their bones in the Sun. Ugly, but effective. We are trying to survive here, not run a camp for displaced people.

And these measures, while harsh, are justified by the fact that people will have snapped mentally. They will be more like brute beasts than rational human beings. If your meeting with them is successful then I say pour it to them. Leave no one standing or capable of standing. If you fail at this they will be back, older and wiser. Do not forget that your whole life experience, with your family, your schooling, your interaction with society, has made you aware of how to approach someone and talk with them. You don't do it with a gun in your hand, unless you meet in a gun store. You don't shoot at or hit someone with whom you wish to speak. So when you meet someone who IS shooting and hitting then you are meeting a deranged human being. Anybody has the training to stop and talk. And if they don't do that then you had better be on your toes. Anything that can cause another person to throw away their all their social training is someone to really look out for. They are dangerous. Stay alive.



Andrea said...

In our area, the county seat is inner city, surrounded by the burbs and a couple of really really really NICE housing developments...I'm talking 500K-800K homes...surrounded by us poor-white farmers. I have it in my mind that when and if it hits, the burbs and the McMansions will be the hardest hit; at least initially. I just have a hard time imagining city-folk tromping through the cow pasture to eat field corn and soy beans. But I could be wrong. They may not know any difference between field corn and sweet corn. Poor saps LOL.

Dr. Richard said...

Field corn is good. With my grinder, I get cornmeal and then corn bread...

Except, I will not be in those fields with the clueless city folk trying to steal some farmer's crops. I already have plenty of corn, wheat, and other food stocked..


Pete Smith said...

Michael, I think you are 100% right when TSHTF the sheeple will flip and shortly after the flip they will start there hunt. The hunt will be for food, water and anything they want or need and the only thing that will stop them is force. For a few years I have let my family go to the range with me to shoot. I go often and I think I shoot well, and my wife is good to but my kids don't shoot as mush as I would like. But my point is we all know how to handle a gun and most of us do it well. I think that the people who will live will be the ones that can take care of themselfs and the people who will die are the fools who think everything is good and Uncle Sugar(Obama) will take care of them. when the collapse hits the sheeple will run crazy. I plan to lock down and stay in the low down mode till things cool off; unless I need to Bug Out ASAP. I do have more than one plan and I hope you guys do to. Get ready this ride is going to start soon, and it's not going to be fun.