Saturday, November 7, 2009


A Muslim shot and killed about thirteen people at Fort Hood, Texas yesterday and the media is all upset. What's to be upset about? We have been fighting these people for the last 20 years or so. They hate our guts. They hate Israel's guts. They are a murderous people and love to kill the infidel. So what is the big shock? You let a Muslim guy get around an army post and he gets guns and then goes to work and you are surprised? This is ridiculous. You don't let your enemy into the camp and let him have a crack at your own people. And you can say all the politically correct bullshit you wish to spout off but it ain't going to bring back those dead people. And there will be more dead people. Did you ever wonder why the blacks in prisons become Muslims? I'll tell you why. It gives hope to their hatred. It puts an idea in their mind that some day, some how, there will be revenge to heap on Whitey and that is the day they live for. Those guys aren't religious, they are murders. They want to kill us. And we deny that facet in their character. Bush started that bullshit and now Obama is keeping it going. I repent of political correctness.

I am sitting here wondering when the action is going to start. And I suppose a lot of others are doing the same thing. We can report on this travesty and that travesty but the big one is not here as yet. The big crunch. The collapse. Folks are talking about 2010 and so forth. Hell, I thought 2009 would do just fine. It is just annoying to watch these rotten bastards getting their way and ripping off the country and the rest of the world. I despise the bastards. And I know that every day that goes by strengthens them and makes their plans more solidified, more complete. And more oppressive. I can handle the wait and I am sure they can feel honor in not being the first to be blown dead on my stairway. I could very easily get into a Mayberry rant right here and go mentally ballistic. Would not be a problem at all. In fact I could really get into it.

I am pleased to announce that I have won a Slinky Short Wave Antenna from Pete Smith at I am proud to get it. I will be hooking it to a short wave radio pretty soon after it gets here. Fred Carter has one, just down the road about a half a mile. He will be coming here for the collapse and we will probably be using that antenna for scanning the airwaves for news of the world, especially after the Internet is shut down. I wondered how we could get information during a crisis and now the answer is becoming apparent. We will get our news from short wave. We don't have TV so we have to seek news some other way. I just am not going to pay to watch government propaganda on a TV. Short wave will do the trick. And there are plenty of them out there to listen to. Thank you, Pete, for the nice addition to our preps. By the way, dear readers, Pete makes these antennas himself. Pretty smart cookie!

The market was ruled by fear today. Nothing did much of anything because of the news that national unemployment was over 10%. But the fedgov had in it's always glorious figures an announcement that seasonally adjusted figures, what ever the hell that means, put the unemployment at 17.5%. Which all means that we are somewhere between 25% and 35% unemployed. Nothing like an honest government to make your day. People are losing their homes and running out of unemployment benefits and towns and cities are starting to go bankrupt and just all kinds of shitty things. But the Wall Street bankers are doing well and partying like mad dogs. The guy who shot and killed someone in Florida had just gotten laid off. We are going to see more of that as the days go by.

My advice to the little family I am in was this: Keep buying the food we eat for as long as we can get it. Keep buying preps for as long as we can afford them. When those options run out then we go on our survival rations. There really ain't much else we can do. Our beans and rice in our new garbage cans are okay as of last month. We have them stored with Bay Leaves and they are frozen before being stored. Vermin do not like Bay Leaves and freezing kills of any eggs that might be in the food. At least it works for us. Do what you have to do to get by and let the small stuff go away on it's own. We will be really close with our money but there is a chance we will make it. Don't worry, just get busy! And stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Heading out to work the garden today, and more canned stuff will be bought tomorrow. Talked to a couple good friends in the boat biz yesterday, and things ain't so good. One of them has 1.7 million in debt for a large boat storage facility and repair shop. He's hanging by his fingernails. Gotta generate $12,000 a month just to service the loan. His $31,000 in "profits" this year is going to the tax bastards. That's just city/county. Everyone makes out great, except the business owner.... Oh, and he had to lay off an employee. Hope and change...

Pete Smith said...

I agree Michael as time moves on and the jobless are hit with the fact that there are no jobs we will see more shotings. With the Fed and our ridiculous leaders robing us blind. I feel the collapse is very near. Me and my wife have talked and are stepping up our preps.
The sad thing is people think it's bad now, just wait till the collapse and then they will see just how bad it can get.
Stock up on food, water, and other supplies ASAP. Our time is short.