Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Whew, what a day. I have combed the hills and dales of the internet looking for more on the new Engineered Flu we are getting from Mexico at this time. Oh, you can also call it Genetically Modified Flu also. It looks like we have been hit with a real humdinger this time. But I have been reading the preppers and that makes me pretty much on top of it. One of the things I have found is that we are experiencing the first wave of this disease. It will most likely not even cause us to lose any sleep, let alone anything else. The second wave should hit in September and that will be the one that fills up the cemeteries. Ugly stuff.

Fight like hell to keep from getting flu. Stay home. Build up your immune system. Battle the damn stuff constantly and consistently. Get out there and buy the germ masks, the N-100 or what ever they call them. Buy your Oil of Oregano and your other herbs that make your immune system kick ass. Load up on Vitamin C and A and D and whatever you like. You can be like the crazy Boone household and start sucking up that good Tincture of Elderberry. You call it Sambucol out in the world. Get every kind of superfood and supernutrient you can find and afford. Get all the over-the-counter helpers you can lay your hands on. Buy unscented bleach and hand sanitizer and all kinds of nasty stuff to clean you door knobs and what not. This is a war, not a drill.

And then you wait. September will come soon enough, I reckon. If the wave theorists are correct you should see dead bodies come September. Be sure and have a lot of paper products for cleaning and blowing your nose and wiping your butt. We can lean on the Boy Scout Motto and be prepared. Stay alive.




Dragon said...

Amen to a good post....Excellente`
Roger that in round two...All you have to do is visit a cemetery that existed in 1918 and look at the dates...History sometimes is recorded in stone. Ya just gotta know where to look...Dragon

ErinAndBrad said...

Good post Michael - Lock and Load and take no vaccine!

Jacob Gittes said...

My aunt died before my father was born in that flu pandemic of 1918.

Keep strong... eat well. Avoid crowds.

Mayberry said...

Roger that Michael. They can keep their "vaccines"... In 1976 there was one death from this, but a bunch from the "vaccine". I reckon like most things, this is a "manufactured crisis", designed to turn the sheeple's attnetion from what's REALLY going on. Shit is REALLY going downhill quick. I'm gonna wipe out the canned food aisle at the grocery store on Friday......