Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wanna kiss a pig? This guy will do it! Don't show this to the World Health Organization or they will go nuts and try to arrest the kid.
Things are not looking so good on the Swine Flu front this morning. Mexico has cancelled out all but 7 of their so called swine flu deaths. You can read George Ure at Urban Survival . com and get an idea where I got the idea that September is going to be the rough flu month.
Today is the last day of April and garden time is right next to us. A lot of of people like to get it in the ground early but I still like to wait until the frost date. Folks that like to avoid the rush and get it in early are just setting themselves up for a hard fall when the tide goes against them. Our frost date is May 10. I have seen frost after the 10th one time in 38 years. Aside from the obvious danger of frost damage, there is also something to be said for waiting until the soil temperature is high enough to get the job done. Things pop up really well if you wait for the soil temperature to rise. Makes those tomatoes and roastin' ears and beans grow something fierce. It will be a good thing for the local folks if we can get about a ton of food to store for the Winter and Spring. Might save a bunch or two from starving.
There is a forecast spreading abroad that says the financial news is going to look better for a while. Just do not be taken in by false signs and poor conclusions. The Summer of Hell is still coming. The economics of the planet are still in the commode and swirling toward their doom. Your detractors will be giving you the raspberries as things get better, and we are not talking fruit here but obnoxious sounds. Use Wisdom and guile to handle your enemies. Encourage them to invest in stocks. Don't talk up investing in gold. Say things like "I never even once imagined that stocks were going back up." With any look you will have the turkeys losing their butts come this Fall. Wonderful. Life in our society has become an exercise in aggression and the infliction of trauma. Set your enemies up for a dose of some real good revenge. Win one for the survivalists.
Hang in there.

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