Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's Tax day in the USA and the news is of TEA PARTIES. It is a little light hearted frolic we can indulge in before the shit hits the fan. It ain't going to change a damn thing. 99.9% of all Americans want nothing to do with government, including being in it. They merely want to work at a job and live a life. It is the same reason the Catholic Church and the Hindu Church are so popular. All the work is already done. All you have to do is how up for a few minutes once in a whole and everything is all taken care of. And in this manner humanity is lightened of it's burden of responsibility. But I want to have a break through right here. I want to get into something you won't find on the pages of your browser. I want to make the point of saying that most of what we read is nothing more than what the PTB want us to read. They want to set the agenda of our conversation. Oh, they will give you a few crumbs of interest like a new commentator, but the real issues will not be presented to you. This Tea Party business is a waste of time. It will go no where. It is a toothless apparition. It will not get the radicals out into the streets. It will not cause martial law to be declared. In short, it will not cause the pain needed to start the music of change throughout the land. Animals, humans included, need pain to get them to do things once in a while. It is an old axiom of warfare that you get your infantry trapped and then you let them fight their way out or die. You let them experience pain and suffering in order to get them to fight. Life is just that way, you know. Maybe 5% of your men will fight for the principles involved but the rest will fight for other reasons, including saving their own ass. And we are not the only people who know this. The enemy knows it also.

So I hope the enjoyment was worth the effort. I suppose it is worth the trouble of going through the motions just for the pleasure of the company you run across at one of these functions. Just do not make the mistake of thinking you have met the people who will support you when the shit hits the fan .

Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?



scoutinlife said...

Locally at Camden park today not to far from work they are having a tea party as well.

Mayberry said...

That may be so, but at least they're something. One thing is for sure, the tea parties sure got the media minions of the whackos in congress in an uproar! That in it's self was worth the effort, in my opinion.... It's fun to fuck with idiots.....