Thursday, April 2, 2009


It is getting kinda sparse out in booga booga land. The fedgov has just about gone insane. The media is barely able to speak in rational language, not being bothered by the need to tell the truth. The news sites are full of pictures of London and the G-20 meeting.- Obama is everywhere. He has even been to see the Queen. Like we are all supposed to fall down in jealous lust because Obama got to see the Queen. My kinfolks whupped the piss out of her kinfolks a long time ago and we can do it again.

If the truth be known,my kinfolks whupped the hell out of a lot of people over the years. We whupped most of the European powers over the years, At least any of them dumb enough to fight us. We put it on the Japanese. Couldn't handle the Vietnamese. If Truman had of gotten out of the way we could have mashed China and North Korea back in the early 50's.

It seems like, any more, that we have people within our own boundaries screwing with us and weakening us We have this twink Rahm Emanuel that is an Israeli citizen now in charge of what goes on at the Whitehouse. His title is Whitehouse Chief of Staff. Guess whose side he is on? The Israeli Lizard is sneaking around the Halls of Power, the Halls our ancestors created, and acting like he is a ruler of the earth. But not only will he start wars with decent Arabs but he will disarm all of us so that we cannot say no to anything our government says to us. That is to be our reward for harboring this piece of human shit. He and a bunch just like him take an oath of office when the are elected or appointed to a high position in this land and the first thing they do is ignore the oath they just took. But I damn sure ain't the first guy to make note of that issue.

But the time is drawing near when this shit is going to come to a head. We are going to get tired of having our heads squeezed in a vise. We are going to get tired of having blood run out our eye sockets. Then we will fight back. Then it will mean something to be a citizen again. We will be reinforced by the sight of our enemies dying at our hand, piling up at our feet. A friend will be a valuable thing. A lot of people who call just about anything that walks a friend will stop that stupid shit. A friend is rare and honored individual. Someone worthy of some serious respect. You don't hit my friends when I am around, or I will hit YOU, to say the least. And that is going to be the rudiments of our future. You are going to leave my friends and neighbors the fuck alone or we will kill you. This grabbing, touchy feely world is history. You will treat people with respect.

And respect is something this sorry world lacks most drastically. I remember Joe Biden campaigning on the East Coast and telling a voter there would be no coal fired electrical plants added to the nation if Obama got elected. Now 50% of our electrical energy produced in this country comes from coal. You cut off coal fired plants and you cut off 50% of America, not to mention all the miners and truckers and others who are involved in the coal industry. Joe Biden should have watched his fast lip on that one. He wasn't showing respect to a lot of workers and people closely involved in the business.

At this time we don't get any respect. We are treated like the scum of the earth. But our day is coming and we can look forward to it. Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?



Bullseye said...

It's feels so good to see others that think the same way I do, thank you Sir. And for that Rahm Emanuel, well, he can kiss my ass. How in the world do people like that work their way into our White House?? It's high time we put a stop to all this bullshit that is being forced down our throats. I'm sick of it. Good post.

HermitJim said...

Let's face it. We have lost any control of our government, if we ever really had any to begin with!

God help us all...

Shy Wolf said...

Dark Lord and his entire entourage can kiss my ass and eat my shit. Not one of his rulings is worth the paper it's written on, and I don't give a shit what any lib tells me- that asshole is not my CIC. Nor am I beholding to any appointed by him.
They can all suck me off cuz that's all they're good for.
Wondering- did I have too much wine tonite or am I just being honest? or both? LOL- now I done it! He can kiss my white ass.
Sure doesn't sound very Christ like. But then...
!!Vive le Revolution!!

Mayberry said...

The amount of crap coming outta DC these days is astounding. More astounding is that the war hasn't started yet.......