Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a roamin' around the 'net and seeing what folks are up to. I have been thinking about civil defense and it's effect on our lives. I am sure you remember civil defense. It is a governments way of protecting it's people in the event of calamity, generally along the lines of war. Your government used to install a system of loud sirens in the cities and towns across the country for a warning. A possible nuclear attack or a tornado or a hurricane would inspire the civil defense people to sound off their siren. The town I lived in had one they tested every Saturday at noon. And it was a loud Mutha. That sonovabitch would wake the dead. The only thing wrong with our approach to civil defense was that sounding the siren was the extent of our defense. There basically was no civil defense. The big cities had their deep basements and their subways. Our town had some large concrete basements in the buildings down town. That was about it. I know of no public edifice ever constructed for the sake of protecting the citizenry. What little civil defense we had in this country deteriorated to the point that during the Carter Administration our nation's plan was to drive out of town. That was it! The Russians are coming! Get in your car and drive out of town! A decade before that we had enough food stored, by law, to feed the nation for two years. Now that is gone, sold off to buy material for the Vietnam war. Now here it is 45 and 35 years later and we still have no built-up bomb shelters for the citizens and no long tern food storage. What the fuck is going on?

You do know that the government has plenty of provisions for it's own members, don't you? Surely you have not failed to notice the number of underground chambers the government has dug for its members to hide in and be secure from attack. There are a bunch of them strung from coast to coast. Some of them are big enough to hold meetings of both houses of Congress. And they have beds and food and medical supplies all ready for the congresscritters when they are brought in from their present quarters in D.C. They have doctors and nurses and cooks and waiters and laundry personnel. There are additional facilities for high ranking government officials such as cabinet secretaries and assistant secretaries and what not The places of refuge are scattered all about and those in the know are aware of where to go.

What has become known to practically everyone is the fact that the US fedgov has an enormous quantity of long tern storage food. And I mean to tell you that they have it piled high and deep. It is underground, for the most part, and it is stored from coast to coast. Billions of dollars worth of food preserved for long term storage. And it ain't for you, citizen. It's for the elite and the armed forces. You will more than likely get what you can grow in the FEMA gardens, if you don't piss too many people off.

It should be dawning on you at this point that you are not at the top of the government's list of priorities. They, that is THE GOVERNMENT, take your money and set up a long term paradise for themselves and don't invite you to the party. In government circles it is known as continuity of government but in the crowd I run with it is called a rip-off. In either case, just remember that you are not on the invitation list to come to the party. And that is something you need to be greatly aware of in your struggle to survive. Your government is not your friend, in fact your government could very well be your enemy. They will lie, cheat, and steal from you and then kick you in the teeth. Once a government turns the corner and considers the people it's slaves then the death march is on. It's all over. And I want you to remember that when you read the government's next story of how we might be getting a handle on this fucked up economy. It ain't true. In fact it is much worse than they originally thought. California's state government is probably going to have double the amount of debt in it's budget than they first thought. Too damn much unemployment. You may watch and see what they do but if they raise taxes in a depression it is all over. YOU DO NOT DO THAT.

One of the big lessons of this post is that your government is not taking steps to protect you. You are on your own. You will sink or swim by virtue of your own actions. Your government will take better care of the President's dog than it will take care of you. Am I making myself clear? Am I getting this message across? You had better get it together folks, and get it together rapidly. Get the fuck out of town and get a garden in as soon as possible. Buy some guns and ammo if you can find any.

Good luck and don't quit trying.


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Mayberry said...

Kinda gives ya that feeling of someone standing on your shoulders in the deep end of the pool.... Preppin' hard as ever, though life always seems to conspire to block my efforts. Screw that sez I, preps are more important, as well as is waking up the sheeple. And that makes me a "right wing extremist domestic terrorist". HA! The real terrorists live in D.C., and state capitols......