Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. Blue skies in all directions. A bit hot but what can you expect. If I get no rain between now and tomorrow morning I plant corn tomorrow. Even if I don't get much in it will serve to increase my supply of seed for next year. Gardening is a simple task. At the beginning of the season you till or plow and disk your ground. Then you make rows and put your seed in the ground at the prescribed depth. AFTER the seed is in you water or pray for rain. This will boost your garden a whole bunch. But if it is like this year, you may have some trouble getting on the dirt because of the rain. Some folks waited a long time before they could plant. Last year a lot of folks got flooded out. It is not a forgone conclusion that you will have a victory with every garden season. Some times you hope for a draw and sometimes you just get your ass kicked. Such is life. You weed when you can and when you feel like it. You will not feel like it very often so you find yourself in "will worship" to the task and you make yourself do it. Making your rows a little wider apart and having a rotary tiller to do your weeding for you is a marvelous advantage. Going out in the Spring with a shovel and breaking your ground with it is a drag. Pray for power tools! But don't forget that you can get by without them. It's hard labor but it will produce food. A shovel and a sturdy rake will get your ground prepared very well. But it will put muscles in your feces!

The economic news today is that Nouriel Roubini has said the economy will now recover due to the kindly ministrations of Timothy Geithner, our illustrious Secretary of the Treasury. This is what is known as horseshit. It is far better used on your garden plot in the Fall then to be allowed to to fertilize your mind. After they have done all they can do and have stolen all they can steal then they produce positive propaganda and you are to fall for it and go meekly back to your old ways. But it ain't gonna happen this time. It is too messed up and too much in debt. Say goodbye to the economy.

Got an email today from a reader in Texas saying there was still an ammo shortage down there but the guns supply was looking good. Same with Indiana. Black guns are back in the racks but you won't get any invitation to stock up on ammo. A word to the wise is sufficient. So go forth and stay alive.


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Wretha is in trouble! SHTF!!!