Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's wet Wednesday here in southern Indiana. Ain't gonna be any gardening today! Since my brother-in-law has moved in with us we have been down at the garden a lot. He is a worker and that is no joke. Yesterday he tilled up the remainder of our normal garden plot and it is ready to plant. The far end of the garden is not used so that will be utilized by "garden crop" Michael at the soonest opportunity. I am thinking corn and tomatoes for down there. Wife is in town with her brother buying some corn manure compost to see that the corn gets fed. Corn is a big eater. You gotta feed it. If I was a nomad I would be in my Summer quarters now and would be planting in the Three Sisters mode.

I ran up on a new term this morning called re-tribing. It would appear that children are moving home to live with their parents in great numbers. My kids are not intent on moving to their Papa's place right now. School, bar exams, etc. are all the vogue right now. But I am sitting on the main nest just like a settin' hen in case they decide to make the move. You gotta keep the thought that daddy is waiting In Their Head At All Times. I am aware that the outer society is run on 'divide and conquer' but that is for losers as far as I am concerned and I don't like losing. My ancestors lived in tribes for hundreds and hundreds of years, maybe millions of years. We know what happens to the guy found out traveling alone. He gets stripped and branded, all his personal possessions taken from him, and he goes to work making other people's living for them. The idea of a tribe is one of basic survival.

The figures look to me to be about 150 to 250 people as the optimum number of folks in a tribe. That is about the number the chief or head man can reasonably be expected to know. You get too big and it takes the clannish flavor out of the strew. Then all you have is the same thing we have right now, a strung out mess of idiots who have no rational hold on life whatsoever.

I want to get back on the topic of basic survivalism. You know what it entails; Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids and the attendant articles of materialism you feel you need. I am writing this blog post today because it is raining cats and dogs outside and I won't have a thing to do in the garden until Friday at the earliest. But survivalism still goes on. My brother in law is in buying supplies to finish his room and checking on Walmart prices of 870 Wingmasters. The wife is buying Cayenne pepper plants and compost. I already have plenty of bean seed to get my crop in. And the bean seed I grew is good seed. About 10 rows that got put in last week were all out of the ground by Monday of this week. You almost can't beat the sprouting vigor of non-hybrid seed. The damn things just want to get it on ! And I want to let them! By the way, I have Cayenne pepper seed but my wife is a plant nut. She is a transplanter from a long way back. I like doing it from seed. I do not have the window space to start a bunch of seedlings every year. Our porch is South facing but our cats have a mania for trying out new ground to defecate in.

I want to say that Mayberry over at Keep It Simple Survival had a most rewarding post this morning. Excellent. Among other aspects of survival it brought to my mind the great need to get your land in the proper area for what you will have to do. If you will have to grow your own food then I suggest you move someplace that has proper dirt and rainfall. It's that simple.

Stay alive.



Bullseye said...

Michael, first let me say that it's good to hear from you, been awhile. I'm glad to know that all is well. You are for sure in the right frame of mind my friend, tribes or groups will be the only way to survive in the future. And kids moving back home is a great idea and I wish my kids would come back to be with daddy. I would feel much better knowing they are here and safe. Very good post my friend and good to hear from you. Keep on preppin'.

Code Name "Bullseye"

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you are getting it done! Good post...enjoyable read!

ErinAndBrad said...

Hey - glad u r back - missed you! Great post and would loved to have a big ole tribe - but we will only have less than 40 here - oh well, better than just 1!

Mayberry said...

Thanks for the props Michael. "re-tribing", ha ha, I like that! It's what needs to happen. My little group's garden should start taking shape in the next week or two, after some well pump issues get worked out. Sure would love to put in a hand pump.....