Friday, June 19, 2009


I've seen a couple posts on Big John Lipscombs blog and I have been prompted by Jim Haddix to write some more so I am writing tonight. So much rain keeping us out of the garden that I may as well write. But there is so much to say that I don't know where to begin or end. The volume of data is growing like an avalanche.

We are being led around by the nose with the tender fingernail of our dear government. I am so tired of those people saying that the depression is over and it being a lie that I can hardly read what they have to say. The audacity of these folks is astounding. They are trying to say that the problem has been healed and that now it is just a matter of time. Horse manure! It has only just begun. The banking collapse was the first leg of the stool to hit the ground and become part of the daily grind. It has started the collapse of everything we had going for us. It has so far put every household in America in debt to the tune of over half a million dollars. One minor detail to remember is that we ain't gonna pay it. The country will have to bankrupt itself. Us poor folk just don't have the money. To tell you the truth, I don't want to have the money. I think we are heading for an economy based on food and fuel. Money won't be any good.

While listening to Internet radio this evening I heard Gerald Celente say that he and his people don't see any food problem coming to this country. I am a great fan of Celente. He has lifted me up on many occasions. But I think he missed it on that one. I find too may articles in various news sites pointing toward a very bad year for crops around the globe. I can barely get into the garden these days. The rain is eternal! I have a decent bean planting and some Cayenne Peppers and that is the extent of the 'crop' volume I might produce. At least I will have something to spice up my beans!

My leaning is to buy a lot of canned food withing the next week or so. Several hundred dollars worth. My brother in law has moved in and he is quite a wood-crafter and can build us some very nice storage. Then we will fill it up. The peppers will be strung together in ristras and hung from our kitchen ceiling. They do quite well up there. The beans will be shelled and given a three day freeze before being put in sealed plastic bags with a generous dose of Bay Leaves in each bag. Gotta keep the bugs out, you know. But my beans are looking good right now. And nothing has come to eat holes in the leaves as yet so I don't have to make my bug juice. Will wonders never cease. The rain is probably washing all the evil bean borers off the plants on a regular basis. What ever it is, it is working so far!

The fedgov is still trying to call everyone who does not agree with them a possible terrorist. Sure is a mighty big group these days. But the guns and ammo keep going out the doors of the gun stores and getting squirreled away in safe places. It's nice to know that some people still have their heads screwed on properly. Big John said he was staying at home and cleaning his guns. Damn fine idea. If something is worth having then it is worth protecting. The congress is moving a bill through the process that is to clean up a lot of legal problems facing the Bush gang. That sure is a wonderful thing for those rotten bastards. Seems like I remember a clause in the Constitution that says there will be no laws made after the fact. But who pays any attention to the Constitution any more?

The commercial property crash is coming up next on the scene. It is gonna be a whopper! All those buildings put up between 2000 and 2007 will be empty. Ain't any business to move in them and rent them. Another big chunk of meat for the banks to swallow. Then after the commercial property fiasco we will get the death struggle of the derivative market. It will be huge. The countries of the world will turn their back on the dollar and it will be over for the US of A. At least as far as trading with anyone. Oil could go for $800 a barrel. That would put the price of a gallon of gas at about $20 or more. Got any horses out on your retreat property? They may be the coming thing! The wife watched a 10 year old Amish girl plowing a field with a big team of draft horses last week. Her daddy was right behind her with another team. Can your 10 year old daughter plow a field with a team of horses? Quite an advanced little girl if you ask me!

While listening to Gerald Celente this evening I heard him say that there are over two million refugees from the Swat Valley over there in Pakistan. Those are going to be some very bitter people, my friends. Bitter enough to attack anything connected with the American government.

It's getting late and I am going to bed. Y'all take care of yourselves and prep like crazy. I am.

Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Good post. I agree food will be a huge problem. Thanks.

HermitJim said...

Good post, my friend. I think you are right about the coming importance of food in our society...but some folks will never get it!

I enjoyed this post!

Mayberry said...

Y'all are too wet, and we're way too dry down Corpus Christi way.... I drove past those crummy lookin' corn fields again today, and they ain't lookin' much better. Looks good north of here, but there's a hell pf a lot of acres from here south that don't look so hot....