Friday, June 26, 2009


Rained like crazy again last night. Big water. The lake is muddy from mud being wash into it because of rapid runoff. The cats were a little slow on the trigger this morning because they were kept up by the hated thunder and lightning. The power must have gotten knocked out for a while because my modem was screwy this morning. I had to shut it off for a while and go through all that start up bullshit to be able to access the 'net. My broadband router for my wife's wireless hook-up was just fine. It better be! That little rascal cost us $65. But since we already had an external modem for our DSL fast connection it was easy to use a wireless router in our mix of equipment.

Further study of Roubini's writing of the other day shows it to be not as bad as I had thought. He has not given up on the next few years being really tough. I haven't heard from Gerald Cclente this week and I wonder what he has to say. I picked up a video from Some website and it basically was Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and Judge Napolitano raking the federal government over the coals for for 10 minutes. There was a little whirlwind on account of "Wretha" getting an email or a letter from the feds on account of some 'maybe' misguided tax advice she gave someone or else her whole readership. Bloggers always want more readers and we send our blogs out all the time through good old Google and what have you. They are going to get scanned by the fedgov. Accept it or get off the blogosphere.

The wife took her brother to his car this morning and he is on his way to Michigan to see his daughter and grandson. The wife is now yard sailing about 8 milers from here and will be home soon, I hope. Everyone, including preppers, likes to go to yard sales. Sometimes you find some really needed things at a really low price at a yard sale. And the prices are generally cheaper than estate sails and places like that.

I'm still on the Atkins diet and still losing weight. My son cut out bread a couple months ago and he has lost 15 pounds. Somewhere along the line somebody told us that FAT makes you fat and it is a damned lie. Carbohydrates make you fat. And the American diet is loaded with carbohydrates. Bread, rolls, desserts, snacks, potatoes, rice, sweet drinks, and on and on are loaded with carbs. And they will fatten you like a Holiday Turkey. I have been riding into town with my brother-in-law these past two weeks and where ever we go I see terribly over weight people waddling around. I'm set on losing my weight! I suppose I started out weighing as much as Big John and I am only 6'1" or so. These damned preppers out here keep saying you have to keep your body in as good a shape as you possible can for handling the trouble that is coming down the road. I keep skipping over those parts of the blog posts. I figured I could always get a ride to the front lines! But that is all bullshit and I am going to pay attention to those good people who advise us to stay in shape. They are the people who have the right idea. We learn as we go through life, I reckon.

I have been thinking about losing my Social Security. It's all the money I get. And it ain't much. But if I wasn't living where I am I would be in deep doo doo. At the same time it makes me think of other folks I know who need someone thinking about them. People like EM Joe who needs a better retreat, I think. He is okay now but can he depend on his pension to last? I don't trust any pension these days. I think they are all going into the slop bucket. And you ain't seen anything until you see the dollar devalued on the world market. It will be hell for those not prepared. So get prepared! Don't wait around for this, that, and the other. Git 'er done. Set priorities in your life. Pay what has to be paid, as far as bills are concerned, and let the rest of it slide. I know you have worked years to get your credit rating built up and you did a real good job. But the day is coming when that ain't gonna matter a whole lot. Your ability to feed yourself, protect yourself, and find your own medicine out in the fields and woods are what is gonna matter. I write and plan and keep my eye on the ball as we go though life. My wife is learning herbs, both for medicine and for food. If I can lose some of this damn weight I will be much more advanced in my gardening. I KNOW what to do but doing it is another matter. I have to lose weight and get a lot more agile than I am now. If you are plagued by things like this then get busy and get in shape and in better health. This service economy is going underwater and drown. So what you need to get you and yours taken care of will come from you and your efforts. If you have a clan then you are better off.

Never forget the value of the clan. Think of "Many hands make light work." We'll go over that in a future post. Until then, stay alive!



Jacob Gittes said...

One piece of advice on the gardening, not that you need it. I'm a newbie, myself.

Use lots of mulch! This can be anything: grass clippings, leaves, wood chips. Put this stuff on your black dirt wherever you don't want weeds coming up. It will also keep the moisture in the soil, and in the fall you can turn it into the soil. It will add lots of nutrients to the soil.

Mulch has changed my life. The garden up here is really growing fast in the heat and humidity. I plan to grow another batch of radishes and lettuce. Radishes grow FAST. Lettuce has more nutrients than people think, especially iron.

This fall I plan to start hunting squirrels with my air gun. Anyone know any good recipes for city squirrel?

Meadowlark said...

I just want to add that for the record, taking in more calories than you expend is what you makes you fat. :)

As in COMPLEX carbs aren't bad, it's the simple carbs from refined products and sugars (real and fake) that confuses your body so badly.

Going back to a diet like our parents and grandparents ate really works. Eat real foods... not processed. Whole grains, vegetables. If your Grandma doesn't recognize the item on the label - don't eat it. It's really quite simple.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Great post, as always. Good to see you back. I know we have to stay in shape, but I like to think of my excess weight as portable preps! That way there are preps for my two chick-lets!(formerly:preppiechick)

Mayberry said...

I can vouch for the fact that carbs make you fat. When I joined the Navy, I was a skinny kid weighing 150 lbs...

When I graduated boot camp, after eating 'taters, pasta, and whatever cheap carbs the Navy could stuff us with, IN SPITE of vigorous exercise, I weighed 175 lbs...

By the time I exited the Navy, I was at 200 lbs, and have been there ever since (mostly 'cuz of beer, which is nothing but carbs!). So yes, I'd say you are right....