Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well it's Saturday morning and I am back to my blog. Reason? It poured down rain again last night. I am getting a little tired of this. But I reckon it is better than a drought. I got a tip from Jim Rawles to go see a Sean Hannity video and it turned out to be the best of the morning. It is about urban survivalists and it is well done. It's here. I hope you enjoy it.

The wife is down at the Amish today getting those good eggs I like every morning. My brother-in-law and I went to a little country cafe and got good breakfasts for half of what we would have paid to the big chain restaurant in town. Our last breakfast run to Bob Evans cost us $9.14 each. This morning we got by for $9.38 for the both of us. Betcha you have our next breakfast outing figured out!

I am going to read a bit today. I am into a book called "Emergency-This book will save your life" It is by Neil Strauss and you can see him in the video I linked to this morning. He is a pretty smart dude. So far I like his writing.

Stopped by the garden and everything is growing, including the weeds. Thank God my brother-in-law got it all tilled this last week or we would just have to bulldoze it over until next year. He went down there the only couple of hours it could have been tilled. Amazing timing. The best blogs this morning were Brother Dakin over at Bison Survival and Brother Creekmore over at Survivalist blog. Dakin got really erudite this morning.

That is all for now. Read the news. Read the financial blogs. Keep abreast of the times. Your future depends on it. And stay alive.



Adam said...

That Sean Hannity video is good. I listen to him all the time. I like his take on most issues.

Those little mom and pop diners serve the BEST food. We have a small diner by us (called "Mom's Kitchen"; it's great. And cheap too.

Are you cool with me putting a link to your blog on mine?

Mayberry said...

It might be short, but I'll take it. Keep us posted Michael, at least once a week. I worry when you and other bloggers don't post for a while. I e-mailed Jim Shywolf last week because it's been so long since he posted. He's ok.....