Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey hey! We had some kind of school attendance problem down in Houston. Over half of a school's enrollment is out this Friday. There may be two cases of Swine Flu so far, but no one seems to know for sure if there are more. But parents are taking no chances and are pulling kids out like popcorn in a hot popper. I would too! This flu thing is crazy. At first it was nothing and then it everything and now it has become something of a mystery. My wife and I have agreed that if it turns out to an outbreak, a viral knock out punch, then we are going to stay home and just let the damn thing run it's course. I have enough plastic to cover any possible points of contagion and I will damn sure cover them. We have hospital grade face masks and plenty of cleaning materials such as Antibacterial soaps and plenty of Clorox. We will stay in our little apartment until the danger is past and then come out and see what the fuck is left of society. That is our right, as we see it, and we intend to exercise that right. Our rights, as we see them, will be fortified by my Wingmaster and many rounds of 00 Buck. I have no idea what this crazy sonovabitch flu bug if going to do, so don't push your luck around ME. What more do I need to say?

There needs to be a stiffening of America's backbone in the coming days. I am pissed off by the fact that the fedgov knows a lot of stuff about our economic condition in this country and ain't saying a goddamn thing about it. They know where the lid is going to blow off the pot due to foreclosures and job losses and they are not telling us. How is that for a government that we pay to find all of this stuff out for themselves but they refuse to tell us, their loyal lackeys. It is disgusting. Obama promised transparency but we live under darkness. There are coming some more surprises in the economic arena but we will not be told about them until there is a plan already to go to congress and all hands are piped on aboard. So much for transparency.

The wife went to town today and did a little scouting. Nothing much happening in the big pharmacies. No apparent amassing of face masks or flu meds or anything like that. Calm as could be. Methinks the local citizenry will not mobilize remedies or preventatives until the very last moment. Still keeping their head in the sand. Pretending it is not there. She did notice several folks in the checkout line buying flats of canned goods, vegetables and meats alike. But they were older folks and not the young and restless. The older folks know better than to trust in the arm of the flesh but the young pups ain't there yet so they will be the last to get their food. But it is nice to know that SOMEBODY is stocking up in proper style. I get private emails every now and then that tell me about preppers that are getting it on...but I let them go and don't talk about them because maybe they don't want their business all over the Internet.

There seems to be some measure of concern over getting turned in to the authorities after Martial Law is instituted in this country. I guess this concern comes from people knowing their neighbors. Right at first this sort of activity will be highly bothersome. But after we are into the mission deep enough, these sort of people will no longer matter. No one likes a rat, not even the people getting the "dirt" on the neighbors. Just wait, and your time will come.



APN said...

One of the things I like about living in Northern Idaho is that we are sparsely populated so it will be easy to pull ourselves away from society when and if this pig shit flu gets bad. With the entire region being one giant survival retreat, how heavily armed everyone is, and what the bastards in government did to the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, there is no way in hell we will allow ourselves to be subject to Marshall law. Though as much as I love living in Idaho, I still have to say that my heart is still in Texas. Man I miss that state sometimes

HermitJim said...

I've moved up my departure time a LOT. Getting out of Houston and moving WAY out west...still Texas, but so far removed from where my "neighbors" want to be that it should be plenty safe!

Strange thing of the people I met through blogging also left Houston and she and her DH moved to that same area!

Great minds think alike...or something like that! The time to get out is now, with the storm season is a mere 3 weeks away!

Mayberry said...

The lies and hypocracy from this administration is sickening. So much for "change", it's bid'ness as usual in the District of Criminals. And still, the sheeple sleep......