Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have 8 or 9 bags of preps to unload and stack on my shelves as soon as it becomes convenient. I got a tip off the Web while the wife was in town and I called her and told her to get sugar and coffee. They are supposed to be going up really soon and it looked like time to buy, to me . The wife bought us one of those water bath canners and all the goodies that go with it. I liked the look of it. It has one of the divider things in the bottom of it that keeps your jars apart so you can get it out without breaking it, providing you bought the gizmo that lifts hot jars for you. Needless to say, the gizmo makes it very easy to keep from scalding yourself.

The wife was telling me about the food prices. She said the raises in price were not big or astounding but rather just steady and always going up. Things are starting to get costly out there. And my wife knows how to shop for the best price. Believe it. Funny about rising prices this time of year. The gardens are going in and there will be competition as to whose vegetables get on the table. Will it be the supermarket or the family garden? I can tell you right off just who has the cheaper food. That one ain't even close. And as to storing food? Well, just try to find canning jars at the yard sales this year. Few and far between. The gardens are looking a little bigger this year, too. Some of this food is going to get canned for the Winter's Bounty. Thus I cannot see the advantage of raising food prices this time of year, in this type of economy. Food is just too cheap unless you didn't grow any. And the gougers will be remembered when things get straightened out again. A lot of people are sorta down and out right now and times are a little tough. A poor person ain't got much more than their pride and you go fooling around with their pride and they will not forget it. No way in hell will they forget it. If they lose their pride they have nothing left. Just remember to put in a garden this year and to plant a little extra for saving through the Winter. It's time to "man up" and get ready for hard times, so it is time to start the process right now.

What I am trying to say, and not many will say it to any degree of truthfulness, is that the day may be coming very soon when we will be unable to buy food, for one reason or another. A lot of people cannot even begin to relate to living in conditions like that. They are used to the American way of life and that is the extent of their experience. And the American way was to go to the supermarket and buy any goddamn thing you wanted and take it home and eat it, paying minimal money for the experience. And there are 300 million people out there who have lived this way all their lives and know nothing else. Can you understand why I am telling people to put in gardens and stock up on canning supplies and such? If God has given you the eye to see and the ear to hear you had better get the rest in gear. Some amazing things could be on the way. Don't be a fool and ignore them. Reality will show you where food comes from and how it is grown. As times get tough, any other way of thinking is strictly bonkers. For Christ sake, even Barack and Michelle are growing a garden. This is not tin hat survivalism anymore, this is just rational thinking. When you don't know what is coming or how severe it is, just be smart and get ready for the worst. Anything less will be a pleasant surprise.

Here at my place we get by on about absolute minimum income. And we can prep on that. And that ought to tell you something. What ever your income is, you should not be pressed for money. ALWAYS LIVE BENEATH YOUR INCOME. If you must let your best pick-up truck go back to the bank, so be it. It ain't fun and it damn sure ain't pleasant but if you do it then you are free of the hassle. And being free of pressure and strain is what we will be looking for. Most of that experience is brought to us courtesy of the business and government world we live with. You must start getting a little selfish in the days ahead. Say you live in a little community of folks back on a country road somewhere. A little town with everyone having a few acres of land and there being some Springs in the area. THAT IS YOUR AREA OF CONCERN! Those people who will be looking out for you will rate the most effort. And in a small town you will know who is most likely to help and who will run out on you. You must learn about reciprocity. Without it you are merely a donor. You can do for lots of folks but it they don't do for you then to hell with them.

I would like to give you another tip that might be of benefit. The English already know it but they are too focused on their show business queers and their give-it-away politicians. The tip is SHEEP have what is called a GOLDEN HOOF. Do not ask me to quantitatively explain this but it just means that a sheep hoof will mix most anything with the topsoil of the land it is walking on. If you load up your garden plot with sheep in the Fall for a very few weeks, then take them out and wait until Spring planting time, your garden topsoil will be greatly increased with nutrients All they have to do is walk on it and everything gets mixed just fine. A cheap and easy way to add nourishing amendments to your soil.

Just get ready, folks. Your health and welfare depend on it. Do not fall victim to the government or the looting hordes of idiot refugees. It is time to play heads up and start being responsible. Stay alive.




Jacob Gittes said...

thanks Michael.
No more "social events" for me this year... Still living in the city.
When the wife and her friends go out to the art galleries and little parties, I'm going to be prepping: planning, adding to my Big Book 3-ring binder of survival info and plans, and laying up supplies.

I also hope to make a trip this spring early summer to make more contacts in my likely homestead area up north... letting the locals know I will be serious and willing to contribute.

Plus, I have some advance info on the Chinese hordes!

Starting clearing my big garden on Sunday. Mostly done. Planting tomatoes and carrots in brownie pans last night. Will keep them warm, in the sun... One step at a time.

Bullseye said...

Great words of advice in these times that we live it. If we only live within our means we can prep and prosper at the same time.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic post, Michael. And I couldn't agree more! I hope more people heed the warnings laid out before them. Preparedness is not rocket science - it just takes perseverance.

Terrence Maddox said...

Starts are going in this week.
Fence is complete.
Dogs are vicious.
5.56 readily available.

HermitJim said...

Very timely and enjoyable post. I agree 100% and am attempting to get everything in gear bigtime...

Ron Layton said...

Sound advice, very sound advice.