Monday, May 4, 2009


Still getting some rain about every day. The rain puddles in the road don't ever seem to go away. But I don't care because I can put the garden in come June just as well as in May. Everybody gets in a great emotional hurry come Spring and it is a cumbersome waste of time. You can grow vegetables just fine in June! So to hell with the rain. I will not worry about it. I have already gotten the nuggets on how to plant my tomatoes from seed right directly into the ground and I am ready to rock. Look at the comments on the preceding post for the data.

Starting to get a mixed signal on food production. Jim Haddix just drove from northern Indiana to Florida and right back and said he didn't see much in the way of gardening in the homes he could see from the Interstate. Jim is an old farm guy from Indiana and he knows what a garden is. Said he didn't see much. Could the media be leading us astray once again? We get that warm fuzzy feeling reading about folks who are prepping with us and maybe it ain't true. The media lies more than it tells the truth so why should I believe them now?

The Handmaiden brought home a book from the library titled GARDENING WHEN IT COUNTS. It was written by Steve Solomon and is a Mother Earth News book. I have been gnawing around the edges of it and it ain't bad. Ain't bad at all. It makes a very good point about intensive gardening being intensive everything else. The author makes the point of saying that spacing your plants out and giving them room to grow costs less money and requires less fertilizer and compost and all that good stuff. The author, Steve Solomon, makes a lot of sense.

My friend Charles Bell told me about an interesting web page called Pretty interesting concept those people are working with right there.

But Spring is in the air and we are having Black Bean Burritos tonight. Loaded with good ground venison. It don't get much better than that. You all take care and I will see you tomorrow, God willing. Stay alive.



ErinAndBrad said...

Hey Michael - along the main highway from our farm into the bigger town (LOL) I have seen several nice gardens going in - homes I have never seen with a garden before. Guess some people are getting it!

Antsy to start our garden too - but like you I will go for patience so as not to waste a bunch of good seeds by letting them drown LOL!

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Gardening when it Counts is one of my faves. I have puttered at gardening off and on and remember sitting on the porch each summer snapping beans for my grandma to can - those were the best beans...

Anyway, what I liked about the book is that it made even a novice like myself think that I could do it - he didnt sugar coat that it would be easy, but walked me through everything in order to get the most, easiest amount of work and highest nutrient content.

Thanks again for the great blog - its a daily read!

HermitJim said...

Sounds like I'm gonna have to get this book for myself soon! Always liked to read, might as well be learning something while I do, huh?