Friday, May 15, 2009


I have little or nothing to write today. I merely do not have a topic. No big deal. I'll muddle through. I am in one of those moods when I am almost living in the grid down world that is just ahead of us. You know the scenario. We will all be talking about the same subject! We will all be working in the same garden and minding the same business. We will move as a single minded entity for at least a while. The steps to be taken to survive will be written down and socially enacted. The old saying "No dog can avoid the collective hunt!" will once again, in some form of words or another, be heard across our fair land. People will be saying "A job for every man and a man for every job." Difficult times call for communism more than anything else. The communism beaks down after a while and goes away. Communism and slavery make a good bed to grow a civilization from. But they seldom stay around very long after the civilization is established.

I am still hearing things about the Swine Flu. This time I get the story about a lot of school closings in New York City. Some verified sickness going around and some not too pretty things being said. But the story is always garbled. You can never get the straight story. An assistant principal at one of the schools is in the hospital and is not doing too well but there are other complications to his story. No one will stand up and say that this man is in critical condition because of Swine Flu. It ain't happening. It always has to be some iffy, will be, maybe, thing that don't really tell you a goddamn thing. We used to be the home of the brave and the land of the free but now days we are the clan of the circumspect maybes No one wants to come out and say a damn thing as fact. So I do not know what to say about the Swine Flu. I am going to print up a notice for the locals to see, that will tell them the best things to do to avoid getting the damn bug.

I was reading Gerald Celente this morning and he was saying we are inflating a new money bubble for our economy and he calls it the bail-out bubble. That is a horrible set of affairs for the good ol' US of A. That is one economy that will not last. Guaranteed! I looked for an unusual bunch of activity in the Gold Market yesterday but it never happened, as far as I know. Looks like the web bot missed one.

Stay alive.


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HermitJim said...

Getting harder and harder to find out what is really going on, and I'm not even sure that I really want to know anymore!

Time to stay buckled up and ready...

Thanks for the post...