Friday, May 8, 2009


Sure is a lot going on today. Got a phone call that said that one of the houses of the Tennessee legislature has passed a bill almost identical to the recent Montana bill that takes government control of firearms regulation away from the feds and keeps it in the state wherein the firearm was manufactured. This is the law until the purchaser of any such firearm is caught outside of Tennessee. I thought Texas would be the next state to follow Montana. Just shows you what I know.

I guess Texas will be the state that comes up with "Buy and Fly". They make a lot of Machine Guns down in Texas but it don't do any good because no one can buy them. It is against Federal Law. But if they get this law through then you can go to Texas and buy a Machine Gun if you don't take it OUT of Texas. You just fly into some little bitty air patch down in the Lone Star State that would have a small manufacturing plant beside it. The little bitty plant beside the air port would have machine guns for sale that were made in Texas. You could buy a Machine Gun right there and store it right there. You buy the gun and all the ammo you want and store it in a rented room of your choice at the manufacturers place of business. The room is locked and you get in your plane and fly away. The idea here is that should the SHTF you can come back and pick up your machine gun and all of your ammo and go take care of business. Might be a decent option if you have all kinds of money.

I don't know if anyone of you are paying any attention but China keeps raising the issue of buying US debt. They don't want to do any more of it. They have too much of it and they are getting scared. It is a grim possibility that the US could default on all of it's debt in a year or so.

The forecast is still on that we will have a violent Summer here in the USA. The Time Monks have not backed down. So I ain't backing down either. You know, I keep telling people that I listen to some pretty damn good men and they say it is falling apart and I will go along with these men. Roubini, Celente, Sinclair, etc. Pretty damn good men and men with a history of being accurate. And these men do not make money for talking up the fedgov. Bernanke, and Geithner and all the bankers speak for the fedgov. A pox on all their houses. I say it is coming down!

I finished PATRIOTS last night. Pretty damn good book. I enjoyed it and that makes for a good novel. I would assume they have a quantity of books for sale now that will withstand some fairly robust ordering and that will make your wait for the book a lot less than mine. but it was worth the wait. I didn't get robbed or anything like that.

That is all for today and I will see you tomorrow, God willing. Stay alive.


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Bitmap said...

The last I checked the "made in TX" law didn't cover machine guns, although that may have changed.