Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's that time of day again. The time I try getting on my blog writing page. After about a half an hour I have made it. Persistence pays off in that respect. I get on my web-mail page on my wife's computer but I cannot put any comments on my blog without making her machine become MY machine and it is not worth the hassle. Her machine has Vista and it is mental, if you catch my drift. I cannot for the life of me see what anyone has Vista as their operating system. Talk about screwy! But why should Bill Gates care? He has many billions of dollars and doesn't see the end of it in sight. But hey, Bill, I see the end of it and I would advise you to get into Gold and Silver and storage food. I would also get the hell out of the state of Washington and get over to Idaho or Montana. There is a big attitude change when you cross those state lines. Talk to Ted Turner. He can probably sell you a nice chunk of Montana if you like. Ted is also the largest private landholder in the USA. I think the Queen of England might be the biggest landholder on the continent but you would not want to live on most of her land. It's cold and lonely up there.

The news is alarming in what it is not telling us. If you want to know who the short movie stars are it is easy to find but if you want to know what the fedgov is up to it is next to impossible. But you can think along the path of bank holidays and new currencies and selling out to foreign governments and foreign central banks and you will probably be close to where things are happening right about now. Do not ever consider anything but that the fedgov is out to screw us. Every chance they get. Third parties will be the style in the coming election. And why not? Who could vote for a democrat or a republican? They have sold us out and stuck it in us.

The politicians are getting tired of running in elections. They act like they don't see the sense in it. They figure they know everything and there is no reason to replace them. And that is where they're at. But that is dangerous in the extreme. Can you imagine the salaries they would vote themselves? Can you imagine the anti-gun legislation that would be enacted? Can you imagine Obama gleefully dancing a jig at the thought of all the crap he could then pass? Better to have no government than a non-elected pack of scum bags. But when the time comes we will have our own governments and they will serve us well. No more liars and con artists. We'll go straight down the road and get used to being hated by the PTB who still have some power. But the air will be cleaner in that day. Not too many lies polluting the atmosphere.

Stay alive.



ErinAndBrad said...

Michael - google Leo Wanta. Lots of missing money - like 47 trillion and that is why INTERPOL has been given full reign in the US> Lots going on right now and it is not good at all. Research it for a bit - very confusing but I someone closer to it. All I can say.

John said...

You won't be too disappointed if Bill Gates doesn't feel the need to take your advice, will you? I, for one, am not worried about him.
I vote third parties whenever possible and whenever there's one I feel I can support. However, things are so locked up, I don't know how much third parties can truly make headway. Can we trust the election results if a supposedly viable third party gains popular ground with their candidate? We'd better take the advice for Bill Gates and make positive changes for ourselves.