Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello on this fine cold and snowy morning. It's 21 degrees outside and that makes it a bit nippy taking your morning smoke. Hot coffee is truly a wonder though. I got up at about 5 o'clock this morning and the sky was clear. No clouds holding in the heat. The clouds will return this Summer in July when the temperature is about 95 and so is the humidity. Got to have those clouds then, so the poor humans can't escape the torture of the environment. Can't be letting those nasty humans have too much comfort or they may start talking among themselves and getting seditious. I like the line from "The Quiet Man" where the old priest says he is "going to the tavern and talk a little treason." Great line. And who gives a shit what you have to say about this government anymore? They are a bunch of bungling morons who have no power but that of a terribly depleted checkbook. Most of the country is just waiting for them to make a real dumb mistake and start the new Civil War. We have the arms and the ammo to take care of business and we will take care of business.

Pale Rider called this morning and said he was definitely going to help with the chicken coops. A man after my own heart. I like what we get from chickens. It does a body good to have eggs for breakfast. Eggs that are not full of hormones and antibiotics and frankenfood. You can read all about the crap they are feeding us at http://www.preparednesspro.com/ this morning. Very good article. Another guy who has made my acquaintance is Surviveright. He is practically a neighbor, living on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. You can read his stuff at http://surviveright.blogspot.com/ . He is a thinker and a writer and I enjoy his stuff. Surviveright has massed enough calories to feed 4 people for an entire year. I hope he has a heavy duty pick-up truck and a trailer to haul that stuff out of town when the SHTF. It would be a shame to lose that talent to a looter or an arsonist if things go wrong. And things are going to go wrong. Believe it. Murphy's Law has not been voted down. It is still on the books. And it will be adhered to in a strict fashion. Sometimes I wonder if we have given God the name Murphy.

Those rough times we are facing are best handled by preparing. And I get tired of saying that but it is true and that is that. What if Haiti had placed tons of food in bunkers all outside of town? Food and medicine and water. They would be in a lot better shape than they are now. Yeah, they tool a big hit but they could have been a lot better prepared for a big hit than they were. They live down there in Hurricane Alley. Thus their lack of preparedness is a travesty on themselves. Shame on them. Here in America we have had plenty of warning and advance notice. The recession has lasted over two years and is headed toward depression. All you have to have done is watch and read and you knew what was going on. So no excuses. No cry babies.

I just got a phone call from a friend who wanted to know if I needed a ride to court this afternoon for my every-two-months appearance. I get sued by the same law firm every two months. I company of which I was part owner went out of business owing an insurance company about $20,000 in unpaid premiums. I had nothing to do with it but as a part owner I get sued regularly for the money. They can't get it off of me but apparently they can sue for ever. I sort of enjoy it. They have to pay for all the court filings and I don't pay a cent. They can't touch my Social Security and that is that. I skate every time. I must get ready to go, however, so I will leave you to your imagination as to what will happen. Stay alive.




Mayberry said...

I hope I never have to go to court, because I will surely be arrested for "contempt". Those "judges" have no idea the contempt I hold for them...

Pete Smith said...

I just had to go to court with my wife for a speeding ticket and they would not let me into the court room because I had shorts on. I was not up to there dress code so I was not let in. My wife told the judge that it was a dumb rule. I think it was God's way of keeping me out of jail.