Monday, January 25, 2010


I have tried my best to get the post about Insulin up on this blog, to no avail. So far it has even stumped Pale Rider. But we go on, doing our best to survive, and we will survive. Life can be boring under these circumstances. When you are a heavy duty prepper you become irrelevant to society until the collapse comes. There ain't a whole lot to do except expand on your preps. Pale Rider opened his yap and confessed that he wanted to get chicken coops. I jumped on that like nobody's business. I can probably get the lumber for free and I already have the ground to put the buildings on. and yes, that is the plural form of building. I want a coop full of egg producers and another coop full of meat producers. Hens in one building and roosters in another. The laying hens will get the biggest chicken yard. I want those little darlings to graze as much as they wish and eat all the bugs they can find. That sure does make for some nutritious eggs. Some eggs you can sit down and eat and enjoy! Eggs as good or better than what we get from the Amish.

Looking at the news I think about what they are not talking about. What they are not talking about is the next big crisis. Well, at least the lovers of society will call it a crisis. To a prepper who is tired of the games and rip-offs and shenanigans of the Powers That Be the collapse might turn out to be a welcome diversion from all the lies and theft we have become used to experiencing. And I know there is an element of folks who would think it strange that we would cease to tolerate business as usual, but the bastards take our money as well as what the willing sheeple will contribute. And what they don't steal they use to placate the unemployed to keep them from taking up arms against them. Sickening.

The preppers I talk to are expecting a food shortage to come along this year but I am the one who thinks it is coming soon, not later. Maybe that is what the SILENCE OF THE RATS is about. We are going to be short on our vegetables and they don't want us to know about it. The fed-ag boys are pushing GMO foods and nobody wants them. They can slip them to the sheeple but the more people find out the worse field position Monsanto gets in. The man is Toledo said he took his wife and family out to eat Saturday and the fairly nice restaurant they went to was 80% empty. Maybe this is why Sam's Club is laying off close to 12,000 employees. Damn near 200 people per store. No one is much interested in spending their hard wrought money on dining out these days. The price of meat and vegetables is going up and the incomes of the diners is going down. You do the math. The next wall we hit is the devaluation of the dollar and the foreign market we have depended on will vanish because the money ain't any good. Make friends with your rural preppers. Join with them and lend a hand and get yourself someone in the growing business to be on YOUR side. Learn to shoot fairly well while you are at it. You just never can tell who might want to share your home grown food while you are asleep at night. Charity is a wonderful thing and can make you some friends, but theft is a hated crime, especially to the people who might just be getting by and cannot afford to have their food source raided.

I keep getting reports of short stacking in the food stores. Shelves are made to look full but a close examination shows them to be scant. Since I have not heard of any move afoot to reduce eating as we are of a habit of doing, I can only say this is evidence of shortages and you are not supposed to find out about them. But you know some nasty blogger will find out and tell on the bastards. I volunteer for the mission myself! And there are a lot of fellow preppers who will conspire to get out the news right along with me. Hundreds of them! I am not alone. Now if I can just get one of you readers to tell me how I can "copy and paste" with this home version of XP, I will be most appreciative. This is truly a frustrating affair. I would settle for "cut and paste" if I could get it!

I gotta go now and watch the horizontal snow outside. Looks like we are in for more global warming. Damn you Al Gore. And you preppers out there, stay alive!



Brian said...

Not sure what you mean about not being able to cut and paste but here's a shortcut: click hold and drag and highlight what you want, then right click and select Copy (or hold down Control and click C). Then you can hold down Control V and paste it anywhere. I hope that helps you!
Good prepping! Looking for a bug-out spot last weekend. I live in suburbia Fishers, IN. Not much room to do anything, but I have a years worth of food now (full calories for 4 people). Took me a YEAR AND A HALF to get that much. You can visit my blog Thanks!

Michael French said...

To copy and paste if it is giving you problems highlight the text or whatever you want and press control and the "c" key and when you are ready to paste press control and the "v" key.

Love your blog glad you are back I missed it every day.


Mayberry said...

Michael, I've been going to the same corner store for occasional things now on 12 years. They've never been out of anything. Yesterday they were out of cat food. They were damn near out of milk (I always buy milk there, cheaper than the grocery store, and with two kids we go through a lot). Never seen that before. The grocery store seems to be stocked well so far....

Staying Alive said...

I have tried every approach imaginable top fixing the copy and paste procedure. It ain't gonna work. I gott have the 25 character code to enter or the machine will not recognize me. I have tried two different sets of code. No good.

But at least I have a working computer and that is better than what I have had for the 12 days. I am heartily grateful to Pale Rider for his help.

I still keep getting messages frpm folks who are noticing funny stuff in their grocery store of choice. I say a shortage is coming. We be brethren to the street gangs of Haiti pretty soon! When that starts we will know who is on whose side!


Andrea said...

I noticed right after Christmas that the shelves aren't full anymore. Cereal boxes are 2 deep and spread out so the shelves look full. It doesn't seem to be an issue with real foods; there's plenty of rice, beans, sugar, flour. It only seems to be the processed/packaged foods.

*Something* is happening, whether it's a shortage or maybe the stores don't have the credit to buy the items. My source at Wally World says they've cut the backroom stock by 15-20%.

Michael French said...

What code are looking for I do not understand. If you can explain it maybe we can help you find it or change it.

Michael French said...

This may help find the product key

Manually locating the Windows XP product key from the registry is nearly impossible due to the fact that it's encrypted. Go here­yfinder.htm Download and run the key finder program. Follow any instructions provided by the software. The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Windows XP product key. The product key should be formatted like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx - five sets of five letters and numbers.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I read your blog posts regularly, but never comment, so I just thought I'd stop in today and say 'Hey!'. Thanks for an informative blog.