Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is the second time I have to type this post. Got the first one done and the machine dropped it completely. Fun. All that work down the drain.

But I talked with my friend over in northern Ohio who has noticed big box stores with thin supplies on the shelves. Then he told me about Andrea in the southern part of Ohio who has seen the same thing. Is there a message that is trying to get through to us through our thick prepper skulls? Just may be. My friend is www.theurbanprepper.blogspot.com. I talk with him occasionally and we seem to get along. Andrea blogs too but I can't remember which blog it is and she will be remembered mostly for her comments. She is pretty sharp in the comment area.

George Ure at www.urbansurvival.com has said there is word on the street that a major player in the financial end of things is going under. The big boys will first have to decide who gets what off of the skeleton when this dinosaur drops over dead. The big boys are kinda like Vultures in that respect. When one of their own bites the bullet it means Party Time for the remaining gangs. Time to divide up the loot!

The real talk of the day is the deafening silence from our media as to what is about to transpire in this country of ours. What the hell is going on? When will Obama declare Martial Law? Who will tell us the real score in the game?

The Urban Prepper has a real good post in his archives about the effects of Marital Law on the populace in this country. How in the hell will you get people NOW to understand that Martial Law will shut down the constitution? How will you get them to realize that every protection we deem sacred and holy will be gone? How do you get people to understand that in Martial Law the law is what you are told it is and not what is written on some piece of paper enshrined in the National Archive Building in Washington, D.C.? Who says you can't be killed for no reason other than some pig thought you needed a damn good killing? Who says your wife or daughter can't be raped with impunity? Who says your vehicle and your fuel can't be taken from you? Who says your food is not going to be confiscated by the government to do as they damn well please with it? I'll tell you who it is. IT IS YOU, PAL. And if you can't back up those feelings then you had better get out of this country and do it pronto. The Socialist scumbags are making a play that is unprecedented in the history of the modern world and using the criminal actions of bankers and brokers and lawyers to justify their every move. If you fall for it then you get what you deserve. If you resist then you had better be prepared to fight like hell! They will be throwing every bullet they can find at us and we will have to give them back in like kind.

There are some blogs out here that are doing their damnedest to show you what is going on. The Woodpile Report is a prime example. Remus Marasylvia is one smart Cookie and don't ever think he ain't. Read his latest Woodpile Report if you want to see what is going on. You can pick up on his act at www.woodpilereport.com . Mayberry over at www.mayberry-keepitsimplestupid.blogspot.com will give you an eyeful any old time. Dragon will get you some good info if you can get him to post! Big John is flexing his muscles these days and starting to make a little music for the preppers to dance to. He is at www.bigjohnlipscomb.blogspot.com .

Learn from these people. I did not put them up on this post to waste your time. They can be very beneficial to your survival. Stay alive.



PaleRider said...

What about this EO that Obammy signed with disregard to the Constitution with reference to EO that would create a concil of Goveners in regards to surrundering states control of all power from National Guard local police to be at beckon call of HLS, and other persons of Obammy, signed on 1/11/2010. And yes my wife and I were at the W and the shelvs were looking empty and I and my wife had an erie feeling and we doubled checked to make sure we had our lil friends ready to go.....just in case.

Andrea said...


Thanks for the nod LOL. There's so much weird stuff going on right now...why wouldn't someone want a little extra food in the house???

madmaddy said...

The hair on the back of my neck rose as I was reading your post. I was at 3 different stores yesterday, Walmart, Safeway and Fred Meyers, and ALL 3 had way to many empty spots on the shelves. I was a Dept Manager for Walmart a few years ago, and had my shelves been empty like those were, I would have been out of a job. At the Safeway, nearly all of the packaged bread was gone, same with eggs and some milk. The meat department didnt have the items advertised available. It was the same at Freddys. I pointed it out to my daugher with each store we visited. Now I read you post and am seeing That it is happening in other states as in my Oregon. Something evil is afoot.

Chief Instructor said...

Back in November, the FDIC passed an emergency resolution that had to do with the pricing and carrying cost of securitized (bundled and re-sold) loans bought from failed banks. It seems that the account standards board had changed the rule and this would make it less attractive to buy loans from failed banks.

The FDIC emergency resolution is valid between mid November until the end of March. The way they put it was to the effect of, "all securitized loans purchased between now and the end of March are GRANDFATHERED under the old accounting rules". Really, how do you grandfather something which has yet to occur?

I mentioned to a number of friends that there are either going to be a ton of small/medium sized banks or one or two big boys that are going to go under.

The commercial loan portfolios held by many many banks are now technically insolvent.

Paranoia? No, here's the FDIC press release:


. said...

"How do you get people to understand that in Martial Law the law is what you are told it is and not what is written on some piece of paper enshrined in the National Archive Building in Washington, D.C.? Who says you can't be killed for no reason other than some pig thought you needed a damn good killing?"

Doesn't sound different than what we have now. At least the gloves can come off.

Brian said...

Great posts. Your ideas and thoughts are great. I'm in Indiana too. I started my own blog and linked to you. http://surviveright.blogspot.com/