Friday, January 29, 2010


Things are not as cold as they were supposed to be this morning. The forecast has now eliminated the single digit horror we were supposed to have tomorrow morning. And it will get up to 23 degrees today. A heat wave! The cats ain't stirring out on the porch and the wife is not out of bed as yet. Let 'em sleep I say. Wife just got up so things are starting to get rolling. Still no sign of the lazy cats.

We have plenty of food to make it through a severe collapse. My son will probably try to make it here from a little ways up North if things get real messy. That means we will have fresh meat on the table. The young man is a hunting machine. He can trap too. I may get a chance to try some Beaver tail if things get bad. Folks are writing that it is delicious. I have promised to feed old Fred down the road if things go South in the supply chain. I have promised to feed a lady across the pond from us also. A couple down the road a ways will be here to cook on our wood stove and bring their kids. I am expecting them to have some preps, however. Now what the other 150 villagers eat is another question. My neighbor here in the building is a hunting fanatic. His family eats venison all the time. He gets his limit every year and freezes it. I think he and I will treat each other to meat and vegetables. He and I both sort of have plenty of guns and ammo to get the food gathering accomplished. It may not look too good in cold weather but we will make it. We also have the Handmaiden and her ability to forage. That is such a plus factor in my thinking. Free food. Top quality and no money involved.

When cold weather ends I am going to plant garden and it will be with Big John Lipscomb's survival seeds. I have a huge resource of bean seed from last year to plant. I didn't get them from Big John but they are the right stuff and they work year after year. I'd like to give a gallon bag of bean seed to someone who lives fairly close just in case something went wrong in our garden. I could give them seed now and get some back if needed later on. Keeps things on an even keel if you know what I mean.

Pale Rider called while we were in bed last night and I got the message this morning. He wondered what I thought of the State of the Union address on Wednesday night. Well, the sound is broken on my computer and I can't listen to Obama's words. But I can see his lips moving and that means he is lying. Who the hell cares what Obama says? He can't do us a bit of good anyhow. This collapse is coming no matter what Obama does. Obama kinda took it to the Supreme Court in his speech but I give a shit less. All three branches of government, the Legislative, the Judicial, and the Administrative, are failed and living on borrowed time. I think it not too long before we replace them with other government. So just let them crash and burn. Building chicken coops is where it's at. Think of the importance between a dozen eggs and a politicians promise. I'll take the eggs, thank you.

A guy who lives close to Pale Rider and reads my blog is offering to send me a book or two on fortifying an area. If the mentioned fortifications are something you can do on the cheap then I will be more than happy to have them. Staying alive is what it is all about.



Pete Smith said...

You are 100% right when Obama's mouth is moving he is lying. And the collapse is coming, it's not if but when! So my advice to you guys is prep, prep and do more prepping. Our time is short and keep an eye on the american dollar it will only be a short time for it's fall.

Mayberry said...

I am definitely interested in cheap fortifications. I suspect a lot of it has to do with moving lots of dirt, rocks, etc. Things cost either money or labor, no free lunch in this world. Unless you're a government looter in a 3,000 suit...

chinasyndrome said...

EGGS please.