Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good morning to you all. It is snowing to be skin hell outside and I am thankful to be in where it is warm. I got a lot of comments on my post of yesterday. If you don't see the comments listed at the bottom of the post it is because I cannot put them up with this broke down computer. Just doing the best I can with what I have. A prepper all the way! I tell you, the concept of prepping makes you ready even if you aren't. The brain ball the rests of your neck is your most important prepper item and that is what will see you through. All trials and tribulations are tests. Pass the damn tests! I got some very interesting data over the phone line yesterday. It seems the fedgov is getting ready for some tests. Evidence has revealed that firehouses and police stations are being strengthened in North Carolina, that we know of. Firehouses are being remodeled or as you and I would say, "fortified", to hold 200 US troops in the event of an uprising of any kind. At least we will know where the troops are in case necessary actions should occur. Nothing like a little intel to make life easier. I asked why North Carolina was receiving such attention and I was told it was because of the vast amount of firearms in the state and the vast amount of disgruntled citizens. Apparently the fedgov does not like the way these numbers add up. Too bad, I say. I know for a fact that Delaware has some big new firehouses. I don't like Delaware very much. Too flat. Joe Biden is from Delaware and I would say he keeps the home state pretty well stocked up. Hey. You can have it, Joe. No offense to you guys in Delaware.

It seems you don't go to a bar any more and find a couple guys in the corner talking about their dislike of the fedgov. Now you find a dozen guys talking about it and they make no effort to hide themselves. Good for us, I say. The more the merrier. We have them out manned and out gunned. Nothing quite like having the odds in your favor.

Quite a lot of talk these days about medical proficiency and having it in our midst. A lady named Balleen, I think, has written about it on her page, Preparedness Pro. And this lady is giving top drawer advice. I really enjoy reading her posts. She is quite enlightening. And she has been hot on the trail of reminding people about medical preparedness. Couldn't pick a better time to bring the subject up if I was trying. If you don't have a medical person in your midst then you had better get one. Wounds and cuts and scrapes can become raging infections if not handled properly. Knowing one sickness from another will save a few lives, as in knowing the difference between a bad cold and some kind of flu. So let us try to get our medical needs covered as best we can. There is some good reading out there in the blogs. Catman is cranking out some exceptional posts these days. His blog on piracy today is a good one. He will tell you how to look for certain things. And he will tell you why.

So keep your heads up and your nose into the wind. We need to know what is coming and how to deal with it. Collapse in on the way and we may as well survive it. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

Great post today, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I frequent a Coffee/Truck stop. The place is a local favorite for a good hardy breakfast and farmers,ranchers and truckers eat there as well. The general mood of what I like to call "fly over folks" is outright anger and disgust with fed gov, state gov.
These are salt of the earth people who earn their living by the sweat of their brows. It wont take much to push these people over the edge. They just want to earn a living with out being taxed to death and over regulated with nannyist regulations. Feds and State best be concerned if these folks are pushed too hard.

KDmathews said...

It would be nice to see some facts to back up your statements regarding information you received from other sources. (A plead to ALL Bloggers, once something hits the internet it is not either a truth or a lie until it has supporting facts.)

I take threats to my liberty to watch out for myself and depend on SOLID information. So when bloggers post something they have been told I spend time to verify if there is any reason to trust the story.

North Carolina is right next door and improvements to fire & police stations are nothing new here on the East Coast. In fact, our local governments love to spend tax money on having the best. If we get hit here on the East Coast with flooding or hurricane you need housing for support staff in an emergency. The best place to have them at hand is at the Emergency Center, doesn't mean those 200 beds are for Army personnel, could be local national guard, out of state emergency/rescueworkers,volunteers.

Doubtful it would be FEMA or Fed as they get great per diem expenses and they will be at the best Hotel with the best food as far from immediate responsibility.
(Its called... Federal Job/Welfare Preservation)

Now maybe North Carolina may be the southern defensive position in the future to keep the hungry angry sheeple out of the State of Virginia. Which to some degree with the Port of Hampton Roads and Miltary Command Centers is the main strong hold for the folks in DC. (Doesn't mean the citizens endorse this, but DC pumps lots of the dollars into the state.)

So please give us some facts. I know first hand Northern Command based at Peterson Air Force Base had all their Military Reps from all branches from all over the country meet in Colorado Springs for a conference a few weeks ago (Dec.13-15). But, it doesn't mean I know if they were there for standard meetings or if they all flew in to go over how to keep the Citizens of the United States in line if there was a collapse.

I think at this time those of us that are awake here in the US would prefer to know where the HEAD of the SNAKE "IS" not where he might have taken a shit.

With you in Spirit of Freedom. Just too close to the LIONS DEN to close my eyes.

"The Virginian"

KDmathews said...

Added Note:

We can legally open carry our pistols here in Virginia so I don't feel North Carolina citizens have a market on the right to have all the guns and ammo they wish to buy. So I doubt there is any one State that causes more or less fear of the citizens having guns.

As a whole if the PTB in Washington fear the Citizens of the United States having weapons to confront an enemy of the people last I read there were 50 states and I am sure a large population in all fifty have guns & ammo.

I do know that VP Bush Sr. didn't leave the airport for a speech in 1986 on his visit to Kalispel, Montana when I lived in Polebridge. Something about all the high powered rifles legally carried and displayed in the pickups. Just too much of a nightmare for the Secert Service guys.

But if those were ever taken away there will always be weapons down to that last man with a stick. And didn't a little guy named David slay a Beast named Goliath with a pebble.

"The Virginian"