Thursday, January 28, 2010


As per usual I will give you the morning weather report. Last night we had snow in big flakes falling straight down to the density of you could not hardly see. So we end up with little or no accumulation but something to talk about. The night got real cold and is supposed to get colder as the week progresses into the weekend. Single digit temps Saturday night and Sunday night. But there are only 50 some days until Spring and we can make that, I reckon. Right now, at about ten o'clock in the morning, the sun is so bright you can hardly stand it. Sure will shoot that old thermometer up to some glorious number if it keeps up. Maybe even 35 or 40 degrees.

Getting emails concerning area fortification. Trees to drop on the road and that sort of stuff. If you don't want traffic coming through you gotta prevent it. Some talk of hidey holes getting dug and stocked and left like that for future use. Clever folks these preppers. I got good replies about folks teaching their kids to garden and shoot. Love it. If they can eat and defend themselves they are a step ahead of the crowd. I think that southern dwelling people will have an easier time of it when the food thing gets bad. Longer growing season. If they don't get drought they will raise a lot of food. But they still have to put up with that high humidity which I will thankfully do without except for maybe a couple months in the heat of Summer.

May 10 is our frost date here in southern Indiana. After that date we are susceptible to planting food for ourselves. And it is food that always tastes twice as good as what we get at the store. No cardboard in our home grown tomatoes. Just sheer delight. I am thinking of varying my bean crop this year for the sake of Butternut Squash. Those things are good food and they have good nutrition. We have a few downstairs that are still good and firm and tasty. No special method of preservation, just keep them on the floor and out of the heat as best you can. The Handmaiden says she does not let the squash touch each other while waiting for our dining pleasure. That makes sense. They might get soft where they touch. I don't know but I don't take the chance. One or two have gone soft on us but the rest are still fine. Cheap storage, and cheap counts. The Handmaiden is right this moment making us some probiotics for the next few weeks. It's called Kimchee and it is very good for you. We let ours ferment for three or four days after we have soaked it in brine for a day. You have to watch how you ferment it in your house cause it can stink up the joint, but the results are worth the effort. It's good for what might be trying to ail you. Your food is your best medicine and you gotta realize that. These quack doctors out here do not kill viruses. Your body kills the little nasties. Your part in the play is to feed your body the stuff it can use to fight the viruses.

Lots of talk about Obama's State of the Union address last night. From what I can gather it was a lot of empty promises made by someone who cannot write the check to cover his act. Someone must have told him to slow down the printing presses. America is so far in debt it will never get out. We will have to have national debt forgiveness day, which will piss off a lot of bankers who own stock in the federal reserve. Not that you will ever be allowed to know who they are unless something fairly earth shaking transpires. Andy Jackson, one of our stronger Presidents, said his crowning achievement was shutting down the second Central Bank to operate in this country. The one we have now is the third incarnation of the bankers ability to plunder our nation. If ol Andy is watching right now he knows we are going to make a move pretty soon to do our own abolition of the Central Bank. We will try to take our place in the Pantheon of American thinkers who see the ugliness of that system. We can pray that we succeed in this endeavor. I am sure the good God of heaven will bless us in our effort, one way or another.

I can't get the defense of our valley out of my mind this morning. I reckon I will have to have Pale Rider come up and go over the terrain with me. He is aware of the need to do so and has skills in that arena. If I can pry Kemp out of Mississippi and get him up here we will have a marksman of great excellence who also has the ability to sight in a scope and teach others to shoot. Kemp's favorite trick is to assassinate Lincoln. He puts a penny on a target and gets back 100 meters and puts a whole through it with his 30-06 that leaves metal all around the hole so that it can be worn on a necklace. Pretty neat trick. I have seen him do it. The day is coming when we will need these kind of shooters in the worst way.

Take care and stay alive. You will be needed in the future.



Brian said...

Count me in. I'm a pretty good shot. Brian

tweell said...

Grandpappy would put his squash in a net hung from the roof of the cellar. The net went across the room, was tacked up every 2-3', and every 'hammock' would hold a squash.
For onions, using old pantyhose and tying a knot inbetween each onion, then hanging the hose works well.

Mayberry said...

Listening to Obammy is like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher... Wa wa wa WA, wa wa WA wa wa wa.... I skipped it. Can't afford a new TV, or to repair the hole that some 00 buck would leave in the wall behind it...