Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another cold, snowy morning. I think I had better get used to this cold ass Winter because it seems to be hanging in there quite well. But the Sun has come out and the water is dripping off the melted frost on the roof so maybe it will get better as the day progresses. One can certainly hope so. I read a post by Mayberry this morning that really got me going. He was talking about the scumbags who will be trying to take what we have and give it away to the creditors of this nation. Mayberry doesn't want to give away a damn thing and I am right there with him on that issue. I can envision a day coming when we will have "debt nullification" as a standard practice in the little Kingdoms that will spring up around the globe. We will just declare America's debts to be null and void and of no value to us the citizens of the new countries. Then we can get on a pay as you go basis and forget about central banks and international banks and all that bogus rip-off stuff. The clean air of freedom will go into our lungs and we will be healthy and free. Forget the jerk at the bank.

I was reading a blog somewhere that said people were in denial of the economic calamity that has us in the throes of financial failure because a lot of them have children and the kids may miss out on the advantages of the good life they have been led to believe is their birthright. My goodness. You mean to tell me that folks want to keep the ideal of little Johnny and Susie becoming social workers or underwater basket weavers or what ever the hell they want to be, alive? What a misshapen ideal. But it will work to our good. When the little darlings find out that Mommy and Daddy have been bullshitting them all along, they will rebel like crazy. I would not be surprised if euthanasia was in force when the kids find out how lame their parents really are. It is all about being a parent and being a parent usually means you end up telling the kids things they do not want to hear. It means telling the kids that the occupations they more than likely have chosen are just plain bullshit, a waste of their time. And that may not make you a popular person, but at least they can say they had a parent and not some stupid asshole that eats everything the fedgov feeds to them. Being a parent does not necessarily force you to qualify as a parrot of the system. It means you are to coach your kids on the basics of life as best you can. It means you try to show them how to think on their feet and not just repeat what some moron in a school has told them. Remember, it is what some moron in a school has taught students who then went on to devise the system we now have and which is going to fall in a bloody mess. At least show them how to garden and shoot a rifle. That way they can grow their own food and defend themselves from the gangs and maybe enemy troops. A word to the wise is sufficient.

I read Frank James this morning, as is my practice, and he went on an anti-organic rant. Frank is a good guy and I enjoy his writing but his Purdue education and his life of industrial farming has sorta warped his mind in the area of food and it's production. He needs to read about six months of Preparedness Pro. That would get his head in a lot better shape. Frank can be found at . He is an industrial farmer and a gun writer and is no dummy. Just a little funny in his thinking about organic food.

That is all for today. Have good good 'un and stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I'm with you Michael, I have all three of my girls in school now and two of the three are in nursing and the 3rd has no idea what she wants to do. But with all that said I show them the skills they will need later in life, like how to shoot, fish, hunt and survive. Not that being in nursing is not good, I have been in it for 15 years and try to learn every thing I can for after TSHTF. I have some good skills under my belt, but I'm a survivalist so I know I don't know everything I just try to learn everything. I feel sorry for the walking dead that don't want to or will not look at the collapse that is coming our way. Why not get ready for the worse and hope for the best. Just my two cents. Pete Smith

Mayberry said...

My youngest mastered a little Savage .22 single shot rifle in about 15 minutes. Did me proud. She put maybe 75 rounds through that little rifle before the chill chased us indoors. Next time I'll let her shoot my Marlin model 60. Both kids got in the garden and helped pull weeds. They learned to identify the crop from the crap. This spring, I want to get them in there planting with me and my "partner in crime"....

Andrea said...

Both my children are busy in the garden and with the chickens during the summer. They both helped to plant, water, harvest. They thoroughly enjoyed the baby chicks, feeding and watering the hens. And they spent many an evening last year snapping beans and hulling peas for canning. They were 3 and 4 at the time. If you teach them early, it becomes a normal part of their lives and they enjoy it.

My husband has always told my son that when he could reach over the top of his head with his right arm and touch his left ear, he could go hunting with him. (I know you're trying that right now and it seems easy, but a toddler's body isn't proportioned like an adults!) Isaac can touch now and is going to learn how to hunt this year, at age 5.