Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey! My create blog page finally came up. I am so fortunate. What I am really fortunate about is having a wife who put an extra quilt over me and now I can sleep the sleep of the innocent and not freeze my ass off at night. In case you live off-planet, things have been a bit cold of late here on old Terra Firma in the northern hemisphere. But I fed cattle in the 90's and it seemed that the first two or three weeks of January were always a bitch. I bought ground corn for the extra energy it gave the beasties. They liked it. Had the mill put sorghum in it for good flavoring. Worked like a champ and the cows loved me. Not that it is a major thing to be loved by a cow but we all have to start somewhere. But the media is making a big thing of the cold weather. Perhaps the little darlings want to pay half of my heating bill for this month? You think so? Obama just got back from Hawaii. Must be nice to have vacations on island paradises. How come the president takes so many wonderful vacations? He always comes back to Washington and gets involved in a new series of problems. I think he will shut up about cap and trade for a few months. But he will have other things on the agenda to screw us with. It appears he will be opening a line of employment opportunities for our neglected sexual deviates. They will be running the full scale, full body scanners at the airports. In the interest of national security the observer of the scanner will be in a darkened room with one way glass so that no one can observe the observer. Life is getting better for perverts in this country.

The food thing may get to be serious next month. The weather people say that Florida could take a hit on it's orange crop come Wednesday. Let's see now...vegetables are going to slump in production because of some goddamn little fish that the environmentalists are in love with. See, I told you it was getting good for the perverts in this country. The South side of Asia did not have a good Monsoon season this year and the rice crop looks kinda bad. But I know that down in Stutgart, Arkansas, there will be plenty for this country, right? Stutgart is the home of our rice production in this country. And though Obama plays hell dealing with the hated capitalists of this country, he will agree to large rice purchases by China come hell or high water. And China will pay for the rice with Treasury bills of the highest magnitude. See how that works? Our dollar ain't worth a damn but it will buy food right out of our mouths. So our Oranges may flop, our vegetables may not get grown and our rice may get sold out from under us. What a plan. What leadership. Don't it make you feel like a warm glass of spit? otta go now. The machine is about to toss this out. Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

Interesting times are ahead of us. As you noted, CA is in trouble with our farms. We have over 500,000 acres lying fallow because of the Delta Smelt. No water deliveries.

It's just insane.

My son just finished up his paramedic internship in the Fresno area. They have over 40% unemployment because all of the farms are going belly-up and can't hire anyone. No money flows into the community, and everyone gets hurt.

This is eco-terrorism at its worst. Save a fish, kill the farmer.

Mayberry said...

It's looking like the south Texas citrus crop might be in trouble too. Colder than a well digger's ass down here, and has been so for a month. We're normally in the 60s this time of year during the day, but we've been hard pressed to get out of the 50s, and we got lower 40s and upper 30s for daytime highs coming this week. I smell a hard freeze right around the corner, which will kill fish and fruit alike. I've already burnt a cord of wood for supplemental heat, an amount that normally lasts me through the winter and then some. Gorebal Warming my ass...