Monday, October 19, 2009


I keep getting questions about how do you get a place to retreat if you don't already have one. The answer is ANY WAY YOU CAN. If it is time to get out of the fan so you don't get covered by the shit, you get out of the way any way you possibly can. Survival Blog had a very timely article about some Jews in the Ukraine that made it in a very unique manner. You can read their story at These people were survivors! A gripping tale from start to finish. But they were determined to live and they did what living required of them. Some of their fellow neighbors helped them quite a lot and some of them tried to kill them. The Germans took over the Ukraine and made life hell for the Jews. Most got killed. Sorta like what may happen here when the word gets out that some small groups are living free and eating well. The failed government can't allow this kind of chatter amongst the populace. Makes them restless, you know. And tyrannical governments cannot tolerate people living free. It is the curse of their ideology. And their ideology is "Obey or Die". It just has to be that way if you are running a dictatorship. So, you get away any way you possibly can. By my reckoning, there ain't too much time left to arrange things and I could be wrong and God bless you if I am. If you get more time, please feel free to use it to your best advantage.

My thoughts on successful surviving involve a piece of land and a group of people. That situation looks to be a lessening possibility as the days go by. And what really pisses me off is the fact that we are headed into the cold part of the year and it looks like a ball-buster Winter is on the way. I know that cold weather keeps down crime in Chicago but it also can make life hell for preppers caught a bit short in the area of shelter. But where there is a will there is a way. There are old barns all over the place that are not used any more. And surely you can find one that has at least a small part of the roof that does not leak. The same with old cabins and farmhouses out in the hinterland. They may not have windows and a furnace, but they might keep the rain and most of the wind off your ass. Come a rain or a snowfall and your tracks are wiped out, if you have the good sense not to make any more until you are ready to leave and maybe not even then. But you have to use that pile of saturated fat and cholesterol between your ears and you better use it wisely. The Hermit, down in Tennessee, says he will be going toward the sound of gunfire. And I know him and that is exactly what he will do and God help anyone who tries to stop him. And in a sense that is a good thing, or can be anyhow. Because the sound of gunfire is the sound of opposing forces fighting it out and you will probably know immediately which side appeals to you! There will be the God loving, freedom loving folks and then there will be the statists. If you were to help the freedom loving folks to a victory, or at least in the escape of a loss, you will have helped yourself in what you need to continue to live on this planet. You will have showed your colors to some good people who will help you like you helped them. And if you are out, walking about the nation looking for a retreat, these are the folks you will want to meet. At least they will bear a decent hearing. You betcha!

The Old Order Amish are sometimes willing to take on a hand in running the farm. If you move in and share your lot with them, and you are a single guy, you are entitled to court a wife. Marriage and some kids will do wonders with cementing your relationship with these people. A perfect disguise from the Powers That Be. If you still have time to go move freely about the country side you might drive out in the country and look thing over. Talk to people and find out who is friendly and who ain't. Get to know some folks and they might be able to help you acquire a place to live. You want to show yourself hospitable and able. You want to be seen as an asset, not a piece of toxic waste. Help a guy in his garden. Help him around his farm. Don't charge him a cent. Tell him you just love country life. Come back a few days later and do it again. Pretty soon you will be getting a warm welcome whenever you show your face. Could be you could arrange a place to stay if you play your cards right.

And a lot of this is all "maybe" stuff but if maybe is all you have then a maybe is better than nothing. The thing you are looking at is time and money. If you have a million dollars in cash or gold you can live damn near anyplace you want to. If you are short of the mark for buying some land I suggest you try the stealth approach. You know, Jim Dakin over at does not have a bad idea for people with limited funds who want to remain free of the system. I ain't saying it is perfect or anything like that but it sure beats going to jail or a FEMA camp. In fact it might be a very strenuous lifestyle, especially if you don't have drinking water on your junk land. But the idea is you have a toe hold on a piece of freedom and you work from there. You get your cheap trailer and your food preps and a decent gun and some ammo. You try to get some control over your climate inside the trailer. Unheated trailers are a bitch in the Winter. If gunshots are a no-no in your area, then buy traps and kill your meat that way. Traps are silent for the most part. You save your furs for clothing. You will learn to brain tan your hides. You will learn to garden, maybe in a stealthy manner. But you will be alive and relatively free and that will be worth a lot one of these days. Don't forget to bring non-hybrid seed for your garden. And the three sisters would be a big help to someone who wanted to stay alive in a declining society. Remember, you don't want to get noticeably better off or you will attract unwanted attention. Plant your garden where it won't be noticed from the road passing your land. Maybe plant two or three small plots of garden instead of one big one, if you think you need to do it that way. And for Christ's sake get all the free food that God offers from Natures bounty. Hunting, trapping, foraging. They are all potential free food exercises. You team them up with some stealth gardening and you may be able to live quite well, nutritionally.

And you DO understand that this is all brain candy. You may not be able to do a damn bit of it. But it may lead to some thinking on your part that will put you over the top in the battle for survival. It is up to you and God and that pile of saturated fat and cholesterol between you ears. If He inspires you then get with it. I cannot sit here and tell you how to live your life. That is subject to forces beyond my control. But I can give you examples of thinking and examples of observation and that can help you, if you have the initiative to go forward yourself. I look at life as a matter of predestination. I do not believe in free will, at least for God's kids. But predestination is a pasture, a field, and you are placed in the area until you have learned the lessons you are supposed to learn. And if you are supposed to learn the tricks to surviving on the cheap then get with it. Go for the gusto and don't hold back. And try to stay alive.


Jacob Gittes said...

Your blog is really keeping me on the edge of my seat these days, Michael. In a way, it's kind of good for me to see the advice about getting out of the city NOW, while you still can, because I'm choosing to do something else.
Here's the deal: we do have wonderful land, family land, "up north." 60 acres or so. Well watered. On a river. Woods, isolated. Mennonites as good neighbors.
My brother, however, who is part of the family, thinks this country is on its way to recovery! He's completely deluded, of course, but nothing other than full-blown collapse will convince him otherwise.
If I wanted to pack up and move there now, the family shit would really hit the fan! There are other difficulties, as well... would my mentally disabled cousins from Kansas come a-knockin' when the SHTF? If they survive, probably. I'll have to figure out how to put their lazy asses to work.

So here I the city. Where my job is. My wife is more open to relocating, but she's still addicted to what I would call luxury and ease. Plus our in-laws are next door (which is good for many reasons) helping with child care, etc.

At some point, you have to make a decision and make your stand. I think that one is better of just choosing to make the stand in the city, and putting 100% of your effort into it, rather than hedging and hemming and hawing and being piss poorly prepared for anything. So that's it. We will try to relocated in the next year or so, but as far as collapse now or this fall, we will stand our ground. Get some of the neighbors on board. Discuss it carefully with some people at the church. Work on security (just put in glass block windows in all the basement windows, etc.). Get the three b's in great abundance.
Roving mobs are pretty cowardly, as the LA riots showed. Remember those Korean store owners who scared the mobs away with a few well placed shots?
I appreciate your blog, Michael, because it forces me to think and justify my choiced. Kudos.

Pete Smith said...

It's going on a week now that every day you give me something new to think about. Thanks Michael

Me and my wife are talking now about a retreat and how to set one up. We have a friend that has a big lot about 40 miles away, so that would put us about 60-65 miles away from the big city. The more I think about it the more I think we need a plan to go the that land if need be. He is a part time prepper and would let me set up my RV.

HermitJim said...

Good choices for posts lately, my friend. I enjoy them more everyday!