Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ahh.. nothing quite like the smell of collapse in the morning. It gets the old appetite going and the juices flowing. Gold is at $1065 an ounce this morning, Wednesday, the 14th of October. The dollar is at about 75 and 1/2 cents this morning. Jim Sinclair says that 71 and a half cents is the line the dollar must cross before it finally collapses. I think that figure is just a point in a determined path downward. Got your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids? Here at the homestead we are constantly working on that food level of preparedness. You can't enjoy the show if you are starving to death. And I need to get Popcorn. Damn. I always forget to tell the wife to get Popcorn. Can't watch the big show without Popcorn. The stores should be getting in their holiday supply any time. I think I will get two or three gallons of the stuff. She tried to get a non-electric percolator yesterday but she didn't have the money so we wait for that little addition. We will get it. Hermit Jim said to get one and I believe him.

Mayberry has a nice looking Fall garden put in. You can get to his site and see pictures of it. Mighty fine.

Raining and cold here in the Valley. Supposed to freeze this weekend. I believe it. This has got to be a record year for rain here in southern Indiana. If it ain't I don't want to experience the old standard.

It may pay you to watch the pension funds. I know, I know, they are reported to be losing money like water in a sieve. But there are still trillions of dollars in them and thus they will be a target for the cons of New York. The old drama had the villain stealing the old widow woman's life savings. That was where you were supposed to hiss at the movie. But now days the cons in the banking world and the stock brokerages are going to steal a horrendous amount of life savings from old widows and just older folks in general. At the first the kids will move back in with Pa and Ma but then Ma and Pa will run out of money they will find themselves between a rock and a hard place. If the homestead is paid for they will have a home for a while. If it isn't paid for then they can share an overpass out on the freeway. And hey, I didn't do it to them. Quite the opposite. I have implored people to get out of town on some kind of land they can afford and start prepping like crazy. All that stuff you needed was still cheap and plentiful. But it ain't gonna be cheap and plentiful for long. Prices are going to go up. The dollar is going down the drain, if you haven't been paying attention. I am not a rich man with tons of gold and hundreds of thousands of acres and I can do nothing for them. They will have to suffer the results of their own fantasies.

The DJIA closed at $10,015 today, the first time in just over a year it has exceeded 10,000. There will be Champagne drinking in Manhattan tonight. Let them drink it. It is almost over for those bastards. A couple more weeks, maybe three. When this crash comes, it is going to shake the world. Not just the USA but the WORLD. Get on You Tube and look up Gerald Celente and listen to a trends analysis for 2009. It is amazing. And this guy is supposed to be the best in the business. Stay alive.



Andrea said...

I bought my popcorn yesterday at the Amish store :) Not enough, but it's a start. I put my husband to work canning butter last night and it worked out so well! I did the melting and pouring, he did the shaking. There's some teamwork for you. We cracked open a scant jar and I'm really impressed with the results. There's a slight change in texture, but all in all, I'm very pleased with it. And the kids loved it's not too often that they get to sample spoonfulls of butter, so a good time was has by all!

Dragon said...

Hey Mike,I'm gonna join ya out on the limb and say collapse is immanent.
I've done in all the squirrels here in town and have to go a little further each day for fresh meat. groundhogs are getting scarce also. Since the weather got cold, road kill deer don't stay on the side of the road for very long. I passed one the other day and had to turn around to come back for it and it was gone. i saw the guy who got it pull away as i pulled up. and the blood on the ground was still warm.
I went up to the temp agency the last couple of weeks and stood around with about thirty other folks. they have only about 8-10 openings a day and some days none at all. They haven't picked this roughneck for any jobs so I quit going. scuttle butt in the lines there was folks are fed up with both pubs and dems.After they heard about congresses pay raise there was talk of cutting balls of politicians and pickling them. there was some talk about what to do with other parts also. the hardware store sold out of rope that very day and I amused folks by showing them how to tie a noose.
I've added some improvements to the yurt project to include some foil clad bubble wrap insulation and camouflage netting. both came out of dumpsters. leaves have begun to turn bright colors and fall. one of my maples is almost nekkid and the other is not far behind.Cool temps prevail and new record lows are set daily. This fall looks like the ones 40 years ago. we have snow forecast for Saturday also. One thing before I split. I have noticed that the yuppies and professionals don't have a clue as to how bad it really is.
Later dragon

Unknown said...

Hey watch out for the popcorn...everyone knows that most of the corn in the USA is GMO.

With all of that prepping you're doing you don't want to get fed by the Beast!

Northwoods said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned "Pop corn", as that was one of our prioritys in the fun food portion of our storage.
For sure it will go well with the show about to happen...just wish they still made Snowcaps and Ju Ju bees...
Ya' can almost smell that melted butter and feel the grease on Yer hands...
Let the show begin!

Pete Smith said...

I have a case of pop corn, this item is a must. I always feel like pop corn.
And I agree collapse is immanent, I think within 3-4 weeks. We have went into over drive here getting more water, food and any household supplies we may need extra of.

ErinAndBrad said...

Jeez Michael I feel it too - been prepping like crazy here and staying up half the night dehydrating foods. Feeling the need to really put the food in the pantry. Watching all of this is surreal at times and exhilarating at others - they will get whats coming to them.

LOL - we stocked up on some Amish popcorn several weeks ago too!