Monday, October 5, 2009


I have been asked by Hermit Jim to tell my secrets of growing great bean crops. And the answer is, I DON'T HAVE ANY. I grow my plants in pretty good ground. I have a soil test to back that up. I grow non-hybrid plants. They seem to have plenty of vigor and willingness to produce beans. The weather this year was cool and wet. And the beans grew like weeds. We had three weeks of Summer weather in the first part of August and that was it. And the plants were fine. Couldn't stop 'em. But then they started to mature and dry. And the rains did not let up much. The beans were coming due and the rain just kept coming. I have a third of my crop downstairs in bags and they are not going to produce very well. Not very well at all. Last year I didn't even begin to start shelling until October. This year October is the bummer month. The beans are so wet. They are sprouting in the pods. Some are soft like they have been cooked. I am thinking about tossing them onto the compost pile and calling it a season. I still have plenty of beans from last year and they will cook up just fine. The Handmaiden will get the bulk if the Cayennes tomorrow and that will just about do it for 2009. Could have been a helluva year if the rains had let up. But that is just part of farm life. Better luck next year I always say.

I am mad as hell about the Georgian Bank deal in Atlanta. THE POWERS THAT BE held them up to be financially secure and solid businessmen and all that horse crap. I wonder how much advertising they ought in the local papers and how much they spent on TV ads? How much did they donate to political people? How did they mark their "assets" for the bookkeeping? When they finally got shut down Friday they had TWO Billion dollars of assets of which 45% were so toxic that you didn't even want to be in the same room with them. When is America going to wake up? The Handmaiden told me today that everyone wants to act like things are still "normal". WELL, THEY AIN'T NORMAL! The financial condition of this country is a FARCE. It's all smoke and mirrors. Don't anybody get it? America is busted, folks. Tapped out! The well has gone dry. The countries of the world are about to say no to the dollar. It ain't worth a fart in a hurricane. And when it stops being accepted around the world you will see the worst depression in the history of modern man. Detroit is bankrupt. Houses are selling for as little as $1. California could become the first state to completely fail. Las Vegas just plain sucks. Normal does not exist any more. Forget the TV and the newspapers. They lie, and a federal judge said they were not obligated to tell the truth. Get out of debt and get out of the cities. Go build in Missouri close to Hermit Jim's new property. He's always good for a cup of coffee in the morning and that is a heck of a lot better than what economic America will do for you! Get your stores of food and whatnot ready for the hard times a coming. And I am afraid there will some very hard times. I wish I could take all of you in with me but that is impossible right now so we go on a different way. But what ever goes down, just remember that your bank and your stock broker and your government in Washington are a bunch of no good liars. The system is broke and it is going to stay that way. Get out of it as far as you can do it. It will ruin you if you play with them.

Stay alive.



Andrea said...

It's hard to get past the 'good times' mindset that we all grew up with. It's hard to conceive of food shortages, banks on 'vacation', martial law, homelessness, joblessness, being lied to. We're only supposed to worry about stuff like getting our kids into college, buying that new toy for Christmas and having matching stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops. That's what all the commercials say we're supposed to worry about. And that we can trust our real estate agent and our banker. Cough. Ahem.

When my son leaves for Kindergarten this morning, my daughter and I will be doing a supplies run to Aldi's and the local grocer. I think we have a pretty fair stock of beans, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, etc. Now I'm going for some comfort items: drink mixes, toilet paper, Ibuprofen, chocolate and the like.

My husband, God love him, is taking this preparedness stuff seriously now. He told me last night that he's selling his collection of medieval weaponry for more practical items: a small gun for me and a lock box for bullets. I'd rather just use the rifle, truth be told, but at least he's thinking now.

Now if I could talk him into digging out the crawlspace portion of our basement and building a bunker, we'd be in business!

Pete Smith said...

Me and my wife pulled all are money out of savings and bought food, water and ammo. Our time is getting short. If your not ready now you need to try your best to get ready ASAP.