Saturday, October 3, 2009


Got the beans all picked from the garden and sitting in bags downstairs. Gonna be some serious bean shelling going on this weekend. We still have peppers to bring in but they won't be any kind of trouble compared to the beans. I think that with the Handmaidens dehydrated foods that we are fine for many months. We have canned food, dried food, and dehydrated food. Plus we have all kinds of spices and salt and sugar. We have pancake mix out the ass. I am sure we are deficient in some things but I can't think of them right now. The Handmaiden will be getting on to some burn cream here pretty soon. The Wisconsin Prepper got her hooked on it and she is going to formulate a cream to aid in the healing of a burn. The Handmaiden says that burns are tricky and the cream will need some thinking. She will come up with the goods I am quite sure.

Not really too much going on today that I know of. Lotsa Hollywood news to keep us masses enthralled with the infotainment latest. Damn! What would we do without Ms. Spears and her ilk. Jon Stewart had Ron Paul on for an interview. will get you there. One of the best interviews I have ever listened to. Jon Stewart got off a great wisecrack in complimenting Ron Paul on his new book END THE FED. Stewart said it was one of the best written books he had ever read, that Ron Paul had put a lot of effort in it. Then he said, "And you call yourself a Congressman." The laughter rocked the joint.

I am thrilled that Obama did not get the 2016 Olympics. Can you imagine the cost of protecting all of those people? The bill for that alone would be out of this world. Let Rio have the damn thing. We will probably get to see most of it for free on TV, if you are interested. I was thinking about what the financial shape this country would be in, in 2016. Could be pretty grim.

I am pretty tired and I think I will end this post right now. Don't get any comments for Saturday anyhow. Take care and stay alive.



HermitJim said...

Must be very handy to have a lady like the handmaiden around that can come up with all that helpful stuff, like the burn cream!

Sounds like you have had a bumper crop of beans this year! What to you think is the cause of all that success? Share it with us, buddy!

Pete Smith said...

I just started to dehydrate some of my items from the garden, like my peppers. I use my Food Saver all the time. I have a ton of things on my list this weekend and will only get half of it done.

ErinAndBrad said...

LOL - still shelling beans?! Must have a lot eh?? Must be nice - our dogs figured out how to jump the fence into the garden and they have eaten everything just about! Guess we will need a higher fence next year - oops!

Have a great one Michael!

Unknown said...

Try Clorox on burns. It works really well. An old cook told this to me several years ago. My husband got a welding burn a couple years ago and we poured clorox on the burn. It healed very well, no infection, and very little scarring. He swears by it now. It healed better and faster than one he had several years ago that we had a presciption for.

Diana R.Smith said...

I'm glad to hear someone else thinks losing the Olympic games was a GOOD thing. Our country is in shambles and we need to spend billions on this? Chicago is as broke as any other city so where were they gonna get the money? Besides, endtime perdictions have us gone 12/21/2012 so who will be around to play anyhow???!!!!!