Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I didn't call the collapse correctly. A couple of the ladies said it would take a week to ten days to let the crap get all the way through the system. Fine with me. I'll be busy until then anyhow. But I did go snoop around a couple towns and check to see how the banks were running. Everything appeared normal to me and that is that. BIL and I got the trash hauled and picked up some lumber and did a little skip jackin' on the way home on the back roads. It was a bright sunny day and the last leaves of the season were giving us a fine show. Best visual treat all season.

That URL I gave out this morning concerning the banks of Europe was good stuff. Ol' Remus at the Woodpile report dug that one out of the blogosphere. He puts out a Woodpile Report every Monday evening and it makes my Monday evening a lot happier to read it. http://woodpilereport.com/ will get you there and you can enjoy your self also.

I wonder what the results of the building tensions of the national linguistics will be? Talk is a killer. That is why you have to look out for the Internet being shut off. The fedgov will not enjoy us discussing it openly and across the country. They have a problem with people knowing what is going on. We might panic, you know. Stay alive.



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Pete Smith said...

Just because it didn't collapse on the 25th doesn't mean it's not coming. I still think it's going to happen this year before the end of December. I may be wrong it could be a year or two away. I take every month, week, day and even hour to ready myself. I have started to work a little extra to put that money to my preps and I am looking for ammo everyday. I get up and start my rounds first at the three wal-mart's then the two local gun stores. You can still get ammo at the gun store if you have an arm and a leg to give away.
My friends I tell you this every time I post and every time I blog, get your house in order and prep all you can. Stock up on food,household items, water and medical supplies.