Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lots of info running around the 'net about Draconian laws being passed to force people to take the flu vaccine. The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts is garnering a lot of attention with a nasty bill the legislature has passed and the Governor has promised to sign. Is the trigger point for rebellion and Martial Law the flu? Is the freaking flu the spark for the whole thing? I don't know. Could be. We started our anti-flu program this morning. Elderberry extract, Kimchee, big dose of Vitamin C and the regular Vitamin D-3. We do Garlic tonight. And that ought to be enough. But if someone comes around to force me to take a shot I will resist with great force. I absolutely do not trust their goddamn vaccine. And no one can show me proof that vaccines work anyhow. Thank you, Dr. Mercola.

I have been in an interesting discussion with Mike Kemp down in Mississippi, today. Talking about the flu and this and that. He got to wondering if the flu thing was going to be the trigger point for trouble. Like, would it be the excuse for Martial Law? We never came to a conclusion but I got to reading about the widening gap between the rich and the poor and THAT might make Unca Scam a little nervous. The scum in Washington D.C. engineered this whole mess. They legislated our manufacturing away. They gave benefits to those who moved out. Globalism, they called it. I call it TREASON. This whole mess can be traced to D.C. and their banking masters, that is, their banking campaign donors. And here we sit, getting ready to bite the bullet and eat the dust once again and the states are starting to pass the stupid "no knock" laws so that we can be forcibly vaccinated. But the Martial Law is gonna be to control the angry people of this country who are bitter over a lot more than flu medicine. I say get ready! I am! And the scumbags deserve our anger and venom. We didn't do this shit, they did.

Getting off of this political rant for a minute, I want to say that the wife had the oven turned to 250 degrees to get the jars hot, not 200 degrees as first reported. And she kept a bottle of vinegar and a cloth rage to wipe off the rims of the jars after she had ladled the butter into the hot jars. That vinegar will cut that butter grease right now. Be very careful to NOT GET BURNED. But is an oil and hot oil will raise hell with your skin if it gets to it. Burns like fire. You might keep a pail of cold water close by just in case you need it for a rapid cool down. We didn't do that but it was our first time. Stay alive.


Western Mass. Man said...

Its funny.
All the crap that has been coming out of my great state lately, and not a word complaining of it in my local mullet wrap.
First the state changed the law that would allow the governor to nominate a replacement Senator when Romney was in charge, than just changed it back because Patrick, a Dem, is in power. Now, forced vaccinations.
Ya gotta love it. Makes me a proud, *cough*, Mass. resident.

Unknown said...

On the burn comment. The best thing for burns is clorox -- yes clorox. If you get a burn, pour clorox over it. It really does work. An old school cook told me this and last summer my husband got a welding burn. The clorox worked miracles. It healed very well with no infection and no scarring and it was a pretty good burn. He swears by it now and every time he even gets a little cut, he pours clorox on it. And honestly they do seem to heal much faster.

Ken said...

...i've said it before,someone fire the first shot and lets get the Revolution aren't taking this,or any other shot...they try that "no-knock" shtuff here,'they' will get 'the shot'...