Monday, February 23, 2009


Looks like I am back at the keyboard. At least I think that is what my fingers are doing! We got the burial and the talking all done and then we had a chili supper just like the lady wished. We started out with a blizzard and thus had bad weather for the gathering. We could not even drive trucks up the hill to the cemetery. The coffin had to be hauled up on a little trailer pulled by a four wheeler. But it got done.

Today, which is Sunday, is cold and a bit snowy, but not anything too bad. The lake is not frozen over and the ducks are just fine. Me and Mr. Wingmaster keep an eye out for the ducks. No dogs will be allowed to eat them. Just us humans will have that honor. We bought them and raised them and fed them and no damn dog is going to get them.

I read a very good post by Pearls today. It was a rant about the feedlot system and how it will be used against us. I think it was a very good read. I also read a short article on how 5 farmers in India just committed suicide by drinking Round-Up. Seems they have lost everything by growing GMO crops. Monsanto must be proud. Since the farmers lost their asses, I wonder who will get their land when the courts all settle the whole mess. I wonder how the widows and orphans will be treated. Probably not too well. Stay away from that GMO shit and the herbicides and pesticides. There is a very gloomy future in it.

But, you all have been warned about the NWO making a big play on humanity in the coming couple of years. You must get on your own land and grow plants that are non-hybrid. If a farmer next door uses that Monsanto bullshit then you must sue them out of existence. It will be pitchfork and torches time, backed up by your private arsenal of course. We must be prepared to fight and defend our food and our right to grow it. And fuck who don't like it. I am sick and tired of Fascism. Those who live in groups will be glad they did. Those who prefer to live as individuals, especially in the cities, will become slaves to the system. And the system boys have some big plans for you!

In the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard was a hoax. It was all smoke and mirrors. I wonder how many will rebel against the Wizard of Washington when the shit comes down. A lot of folks will believe in the power of the Wizard up until the end, when they must fall on their own swords. How many Wizards of the keyboard will not show up for the grand finale in this little fracas we have coming up. It sure will be interesting. Remember the Tin Man and the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. The Tin Man represented the industrialists. The Scarecrow was the farmers. The Cowardly Lion was the military. The Wizard was Washington, D.C. Funny why that story became so popular.

We ask ourselves what is coming this week ahead of us. How about $1100 gold. How about a DJIA in the 6000's somewhere. How about a lot of Governors resisting the stimulus money because they don't want the strings it has with it. How about the story of Joseph selling the Egyptians into slavery for food? It ain't like any of this shit ain't been done before. We are headed into interesting times my friends. Stay alive.



Bullseye said...

So sorry to hear of the death in the clan. Glad to have you back. Monsanto is nothing less than the Devil in a small packet. Hell will be the crop they reap that so these seeds.

Mrs. D said...

How about another bailout/spending bill. Yep. I posted it this morning. I heard 2 weeks ago that another one was in the works. I think there will be AT LEAST 2 more by August (not counting todays anouncement). Also heard that all this housing crisis stuff is basically just a 5 state crisis. California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Michigan. Humm

Take care and have a great week!

Mayberry said...

Yup, things are right on track for a summer meltdown... MORE "stimulus"? Sheesh, Hellary already had to go beg the Chi-coms to keep buying our worthless paper today. When they start to say "no thanks", we're in a world of hurt.... Or at least those who failed to prep will be.