Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Handmaiden and I got a helluva boost from Bustedknuckles over at Ornery Bastard this morning. We got really enthused with it. Busted has provided us with lots of insight through these last months. We both recommend him greatly. He is politically astute. Something of an old time liberal before they sold the working people out and went more toward the soccer mom, yuppie type they have now. Real people.

I was thinking this morning about what the Old Man called STRIKING OUT COMPULSIONS. These compulsions come when you have, or think you have, the hotline to truth and knowledge and no one seems to be getting aboard your ship of state. They may even speak against you. And then cometh the compulsion. It sorta goes along the line of "Well, if you can't see that, then you don't need those two front teeth." And then Smack! The boom gets lowered.

You remember the toys we got when we were kids called "Jack-In-The-Box"? Jack was safely locked up in that box until he got released and then he shot up and out and scared the piss out of you. Well, our human nature is sorta that way. We get up in the morning and put on our veneer of civilization and go forth to meet the world. And we generally do okay until someone comes along and violates one of our idols. And prepping is one of my idols and when someone speaks against it my Jack can get out of the box. And I am sure you know of some idols you carry around with you that can release your Jack pretty quickly. A physical threat is enough to get you into a rage but a mouthy sonovabitch can get the job done also. And when one of those triggers gets pulled old Jack comes storming out of the box. I don't think my Jack has gotten out with full force for about ten years. Then he came out with a .45 acp. Nothing came of it, thank God. But it is part of being a man to be ready to fight. Especially in our younger years. How's the scripture go? "The young are for war and the old are for counsel." Generally speaking, the more baldness you have on your head, the more intelligence you possess. This is not a law, for chrissake, but it is a pretty damn good rule of thumb.

I was talking with the Handmaiden this morning about snacks. It seems that what we spend for food does not favor a lot of snack foods, if any at all. She gets me some chocolate every once in a while but that is about it. The food in the fridge is either in there because it is perishable or it is left overs from a previous meal. Not much grand and go food in our house! She went on to tell me how many billions of dollars the American public spends on snack food every year. It's pretty phenomena. But if you have to eat poor you have to cut out the snacks. I reckon I am blessed with a woman who can cook from scratch. I can take a bag of dried corn and grind it up and she can turn it into good cornmeal mush or cornbread. Not much time involved, either. The money spent yesterday for snack foods for the Superbowl would have gone a long ways toward paying of California's present debt. They could have at least paid their current bills. I guess the clones, as Big John calls them, are just too stupid to do anything else but eat the snack food and watch the TV. Look at it as a celebration of the American psyche or the American dream. You sit around and eat and drink and watch someone else play a game. You have a toilet in close proximity and can make room for more beer quickly and efficiently. America at it's finest. I have a friend who used to be the supervisor of the biggest sewer plant in a local big town. He said you could tell when there was a break in the game because the flow meters would really go up. What a way to keep abreast of the news! By the way. Y'all ain't forgot how to make an outhouse, have you?

I get curious things in my email and here is one of the more curious. It is sort of a question, I think.

Subject: I'm confused...

How could 1.5 million blacks get into Washington, DC in
sub-freezing temperatures, in one day, when 200,000
couldn't get out of New Orleans in 85� weather with
four days notice?

And with that I will disappear for another day. I hope you got some food for thought and some inspiration to stay alive!




Bitmap said...

It's not usually intelligence you gain with age. It is usually wisdom.

There is a big difference.

Mayberry said...

I got that e-mail too... It's a valid question! And my Jack in the box ain't come out in some time, but he's really strainin' at the lid....

scoutinlife said...

Good post Michael, I keep a small amount of junk food on hand couple bags of chips and a box or two of liite debbies(Fatboy Cakes) what we call them. I do pack my llunch each day and have these items for the girlfriends kids. The thing that amazes me is how many families have all junk food in the home not real staple foods....