Sunday, February 8, 2009


I ain't gonna write a blog post today. I am wore out and tired and don't give much of a shit. Besides, there ain't much going on. Everyone is waiting for the Obama Bonanza Bill to pass and the money gets to rolling again. It ain't gonna save the country but it will supply the money for some good booze and eats. Then it will be over and we will get back to reality. See, we still have this high percentage of people who think the fedgov can do most anything. They think it will all be okay. They think everything is going to be fixed up hunky dory and we will get back to normal.

Things aer going to get back to the time when we could borrow 125% of our annual income and our house would appreciate in value and some jerk would buy it and we would go live in the lap of luxury down in some condo in Florida. The whole problem with this approach is that we have nothing to lead us out of this fucking mess. There is no Henry Ford or Bill Gates to start another economic boom and put everyone to work again. There ain't anything new to kick start the money thing again. So Obama is gonna clothe us in more debt. But I have news for Obama. We ain't paying this little bill off. Washingtpon can kiss my ass if they think I will fork over the money to get us out of debt this time.

My income will go into TANGIBLES. I mean guns and ammo and non-hybrid seed and medical supplies and just all kinds of stuff that will disappear from society because people like me have bought it all up! Hot damn. I always wanted to help rid the world of evil. And maybe that is the problem with my boredom. The collapse isn't going fast enough for me! And that is pretty selfish on my part because there is still a lot of people to get ready. Thousands of people who are not ready. And I don't reckon we ever get done getting ready.

Look for a little rally when the Obama Bonanza passes this week. Everyone will be beating each other on the back and congratulating one and all on their good fortune. I will be looking to garner more preps and feed more people in the coming hard times.

So we sit around and wait for the dust to settle from the stir of stimulus. This will be easy. But oh so boring! Stay alive.



Bustednuckles said...

I have more things to do than I have time for right now!
I have to go clean out the Rat Hole sometime today and see if that neighbor guy moved so I can get ready to move my new to me 35 foot fifth wheel next weekend.
Once I get that in I am going to go into overdrive.
I will have to start getting the garden going!

Mayberry said...

For not writing a post, that was a good post! I reckon "once the dust settles" from Bailout Part II, and the market realizes there wern't nothin' in it for them, it'll go in the tank right quick... Sure, the new version of the CCC will get chuggin' along for a bit, but I reckon the private sector will continue to circle the drain...

After the banks are finished consolidating into one big federally owned abomination, there might be plenty of funny money to borrow, and it might get things rollin' for a bit, but it's just the last hurrah. One last chance for the thieves in charge to fleece the flock. Then it's game over. I'm with you, tangibles tangibles tangibles! Inflation's gonna go Zimbabwe in a year or less I reckon, when the payback starts comin' due...

Yup, it's boring right now, but I reckon it'll heat up soon enough. Meanwhile, I still got time to get my setup goin'.... Six months, maybe nine, and I should be good to go....

erniesjourney said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

The calm before the storm.