Thursday, February 26, 2009


This just in. Got it off of Drudge. Go to for the whole story. The AG has announced that Obama is going for an assault weapons ban. We will be helping Mexico! They have too many high quality firearms down there and we have to be hit with an assault weapons ban to help them out. The Mexican bad boys are being calleed a drug cartel but I don't know that. The media says they are drug people. They may just want to kick out the government of Mexico. But the lines are being drawn and we must prepare.



Mayberry said...

I heard this on the radio about an hour ago... Knew you'd be on top of it! So we can now add "bald faced liar" to Obammy's list of transgressions.... As if we didn't already know this was coming....

erniesjourney said...

Heard it today too. "Assault weapons ban" - uh huh they don't say on the news that they want all guns including your .22 LR do they? Liars. Get ready for the fight of our lives my friend! Pray. They are also putting their final pieces in place for their mind control grid - June 12, 2009 the digital TV crapola.