Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have watched Obama give a speech at a "town all" meeting in Elkheart, Indiana, today. Watched the whole thing on streaming video from CNN and they did superb job. And so did Obama. That boy can talk the balls off a brass monkey. He is one speechifying politician. I really enjoy hearing him talk. And he gave the people of Elkheart something to cheer them up. Hope and money and some humor and promises and all that stuff. You can see why he won the election. And he all but admitted that the election was a rejection of the previous administration as much as a vote for his policies. And that is somewhat true. But it was a good speech and I enjoyed the effort.

Now then, to get down to brass tacks, the citizen bail-out bill, called a stimulus bill, is gonna lose. The money will get spent and there will be cheers from all sides as good news is broadcast to the people, but it will fail. The reason simply being that it is an attempt to start the whole damn process over again. It sets no new course in life but merely is an attempt to rejuvenate the past. And thus it will fail. And I still want to know what Bush did with that TWO TRILLION DOLLARS in cash he had printed up 3 years ago at this time. It got printed and then became unmentionable. But TWO TRILLION DOLLARS? Jesus Frog! What the hell did he do with the money? So we got a real nice speech but no hard-won victories. Life goes on.

The mind of humanity always want to believe a lie. And politicians know that. People always want to believe that people "in the background" can wave magic wands and cure any economic ill we might have. The masses expect them to get good "cut" of the money but they figure they will get things righted once more. And so far they have. Even if it took a gigantic war and a million deaths, they would make it right again. But the masses are used to paying the price. Filthy cowards. They forget the day at Lexington and Concord. Lazy cowards. Prone to stay asleep and hope to be ignored, as in 'eat me last' rather than go after the fucking scoundrels. But this time I have believe the thing has gone too far. I think it has passed the point of no return.

That is about all I have this morning. I suggest you go to http://www.lizmichael.com/armedrev.htm and read this little article sent to me by Mike Kemp. It might open your eyes to some possibilities you had never considered.




Bitmap said...

There is a little "gift" in the so-called stimulus package - A National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.

I'll just let everyone read it for themselves.


"socialized medicine" means "why waste money treating old people?"

I also see this as having nice potential as a weapon against political opposition.

Staying Alive said...

Yeah, I read that item about the National Coordinator of Health Information Techonolgy after I had the blog post already up. Obama makes his first NWO move. Didn't take him long. Open the floodgates and let him have it. The only problem with this is tha we will get the fucking Repubs back in there. Sorta like damned if you do and damned if you don't.

My best advice is to continue to prepare. It will be ugly.


Mayberry said...

I don't care who the hell is in there anymore. I'm gonna get my rollin' abode, my piece of land, plant my crop, wrench on stuff for cash in fist/barter, and to hell with the rest. When they come for their pound of flesh, I'll pay 'em in lead. Fuck 'em. I bet "revenuers" make damn fine compost.......