Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey out there! Are you reading? Are you comprehending? The time to be doing something about this mess we are in is RIGHT NOW! You should be getting your group together and your land paid off and getting your homes situated in preparation of the bullshit to come. And for those who are not in this mode I ask why not? What has taken your natural intelligence away and replaced it with sawdust? What is holding you back? What has taken from you the God-given drive to stay alive? Have you been taken over buy some propaganda or some fairy tale? I don't believe in the Devil. I can't conceive of any being capable of resisting my God. I can't pray to a limited God. My God is all powerful and nobody messes with his plans. His will is done. Period. So what is it that holds you back? Don't you believe in the unlimited Father? Have you given up on his mercy and kindness? Have you ceased to pray to him for strength and understanding? Has he not sent messengers in this day of tribulation to inform you of the future? Are you not aware of his plans for the future?

You read the news and you watch it on the one-eyed monster in your living room. Can't you come to grips with the problem at hand? Are you so weak that you can't bear to survive? Are you insane? No sane thing wants to die. No sane thing wants to set itself up to die. Are you cowards and not capable of fighting the good fight?

I was taught that a man had to be ready to fight for right. No queer would have walked down our street when I was a kid. He would have been beaten to a pulp in front of every house on the block. No man would have tolerated any sort of pervert being around the kids. And we kids could roam all over the neighborhood without fear or trepidation. The only thing you looked out for as a kid was getting in to a car with an adult you did not know. That was forbidden. If some piece of human shit was going to go after you he had better be ready to catch you. And you knew every hole in every hedge on the street. And you were a kid and that meant you were fast as lightning.

But somewhere along the line something went wrong. Something got to you and cut your nuts out. Turned you into a capon. Turned you into a fucking Mama boy! Why do you persist in allowing this travesty to play itself out? What made you so goddamn afraid of public opinion? What makes you roll over and take it? What made you so sensitive? What made you so feminine? My anger is stirred by the fact that there is a lot of women who are more into surviving than the men of this country. To think that a bunch of frails would leave most of the men in the dust is disgusting to me. Some of you call yourselves men and there are beautiful women in this country with more balls. I give the women survivalists authority over the non-prepping men of this country. They can order them about as they wish. And what the hell, the sissies deserve it. If you think I would sit here as a Patriarchal man and tell the women of America to follow the sub-men of this country then you don't understand Patriarchy. If any of you ever bothered to look at the Apostle Paul's writing on the Patriarchal Order you would find that God is the head of it. And God would not tolerate his beautiful feminine women to be ordered around by a bunch of sissy males. Get up and get your own beer you dumb bastards!

I wrote a paper over 25 years ago that stated quite clearly that sissy men were the problem in this world. Men who would not take their place of responsibility as head of the house. Men who would not demand better government from their leaders. And finally, the sissies BECAME the leaders. Now we ARE fucked.

And don't that stick in your craw? Don't that make some sort of shame rise up in you and make you want to change the situation? Can't you see that truth in what I am saying? Doesn't something rise up in your guts and make you wish this horrible situation would go way, forever consigned to the trash heap of history? And if you can't muster the guts to take your place as a man, can't you at least prepare a way for your son to be a man? Or do you not see the castration of your son as a travesty and a failure on your part?

But I am wasting my words on this. A lot of you love the little feminine world you have created. You love the lace sewed around the leg of your boxer shorts. You watch porn to get aroused. A woman ain't enough anymore. Or maybe she don't give much of a damn about fucking you anyhow You watch sports to feel some of the old male spirit. You can't go camping with your buddy and his family any more. People who go camping are so "out" of it these days. Better to stay on the couch with your remote and get your kicks thataway. And your wife will give you all the fattening snacks you want. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and all those bullshit foods will get to your heart sooner or later. If the insurance policy is worth enough she just has to keep feeding it too you. You ain't got the brains or the balls to stop it.

So all of you losers out there enjoy yourselves while you can. My kind of men will take over your women and give them a life. We will give them their babies. We will provide them with food and shelter. We will see to their security and safety. And they will love us and honor us and you will fade from human memory. Adios.

Real men, stay alive!



TEAM HALL said...

We could use a lot of those "real men" up here in Canada too!!!!! Real men don't let their families down OR their fellow man!

sanjac said...

My Dad ranted like this at the family over Christmas dinner years ago. I don't know what sparked it, maybe he had finally had enough. At the time I was slowly being denutted by women,weed and California values so I just sat there like a sheeple. Thank God I finally woke up and quit the dope,fake women and moved to Texas where I found a good wife and a group of like minded friends. Thank you Michael, I just pray it's not to late for others to wake up.

Dr. Richard said...

Amen brother. I've made some similar rants but usually got labeled as a conspiracy nut, crazy, paranoid, etc, told to shut up, or ignored. Too many pussies and cowards out there - the lot of them are going to get crushed soon.

Even though I'm in better shape than most preppers, 100% of my free cashflow is going to prepping right now with most of the waste spending cut. Even the wife is starting to wake up and be more tolerant of prepping. I've been trying to wake up friends and neighbors for years now - most have proven to be sheepish girly men but a few have gotten the message. Since I started the Virginia Prepper Network blog several weeks ago, I've gotten in contact with several more local preppers. I figure ultimately that all of the "real men" will have to clean up the mess that the chickenshits created and it's going to be messy and bloody.

erniesjourney said...

Amen! Funny, my blog today was a red alert to preppers - we think alike again!
God Bless and Prep On


Time for men to be men and for the women to show their God-given strength and fight beside the men!

Preparedwarrior said...

Michael: thank you for the authority over non-prepping males. By the way, I am not frail.

Maybe some folks just don't know what to do or don't even know what to ask about what they should be doing. Addicts of Oprah and American Idol are not conducive to a real education.

I am certainly not defending feminine males or those who won't do what is necessary to protect their families. I think there has been some sort of reduction in testosterone. Men just aren't as manly as they used to be.

Uninformed people get their news from mainstream television, and media is part of why we are where we are today. Lies about government, disinformation, and just plain lack of information does not serve a citizenry that should be prepared for any emergency.

Sounds like you got plans for all those unprotected frails that will be needing a lot of protecting. Ha, ha. Just joking. But I have thought the same. It is simple clear biology that women will turn to strong males to provide for security for themselves and their children. There will be a lot of unhappy beta males looking for where their women folk went.

Just my .2 on the matter.

Sneaux said...

Great rant. As a (single) woman, I must admit that the sheer number of "real" men out there really is dwindling. I wish I could clone my Dad a million times over. He's like John Wayne in my eyes. Definitely a "real" one. :)

Bustednuckles said...

Standing on chair, cheering and clapping.


Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Real Goddamn Change We Can Believe in Parenting Test?

The only ideas I believe in, are those whom I have asked myself the very serious question: DO I BELIEVE THIS IDEA AS TRUE, TO THE EXTENT THAT I AM WILLING TO TAKE A BULLET FOR IT? If yes, it's a belief. There are only a couple of 'beliefs' I believe, that I am willing to call beliefs; the rest are just ideas, or theories, sometimes useful and sometimes not; some may be true, some may be not.

Sorry to be so stupid, please can you answer the following questions:

CONTEXT OF QUESTION: I am 41 years old, I have no children, although more than a few men have wanted me to bear their children; they failed to pass my commitment test for how much they love children, as opposed to how much they just want a woman with good genes to spread their sperm around the planet without being willing to give their lives for the children they want to procreate.

So they failed the commitment test: a very simple kinesthetic learning test. You see it is my opinion most of the men on the planet have imaginary fantasies about what excellent fathers they are, and how much they love children, and are committed to their children; and that 'fatherhood' is nothing but a 'little boy toy soldier' fantasy. So as an educator (most people learn better kinesthetically, i.e. by action, than by reading, or listening, whereby they only absorb a theory in their HEAD, kinesthetic learning is learning a principle IN YOUR GUTS, IN YOUR BONES, IN EVERY SINGLE CELL OF YOUR BEING). So my test is not an intellectual test (intellectual tests don't help children to know they are loved by their fathers), it is a kinesthetic test.

The man has to play Russian Roullette with me, 3 bullets each, to demonstrate that he is willing to risk his life, to demonstrate his commitment to emotionally, psychologically and spiritually BE THERE FOR THE CHILD HE INTENDS TO PROCREATE.

On another socio-political level, my personal opinion would be that in a Republic where individuals who wished to procreate practiced such mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon procreation policies, HUMANITY WOULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE, IF NOT ENTIRELY ELIMINATE ALL THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS: unwanted children, abortion, unloved children, slave and cannon fodder bred children, homeless children, abused children.

I could add to the above, how many south central LA, Gaza, Calcutta, Sowetho concentration camp ghetto's would there be; if those slave and cannon fodder breeding male kaffirs, were required to take thier intended mother of their children, to the police station for a game of russian roulette to demonstration their commitment to their children, to give their lives for their children? Think about it!!!

And they are just ideas. And plenty of resistance to these ideas, from those who prefer to be 'normal' and 'debt slaves'. If men prefer to be indentured servants, to wives who don't take them to heaven and back with a multiple orgasm at least once a day, but prefer they work their butts off for children, they never had the choice to SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT WHETHER THEY WANTED TO BE REAL FATHERS FOR. Women like that are practicing what I call INDENTURED SERVITUDE EXPLOITATION.


Lara Braveheart

larryb said...

I've said almost the same stuff up here in Canada. You are SO right! Women and girly boys are taking over everything. Us tough alpha males have to unite and get going, because the going is getting tough!

Keep stirring the coals my friend in rights! I feel the heat from here... :-)

Take care,

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