Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Heavy day in the world of ideas. One of my buddies has twenty or thirty million bricks for sale. Wanna buy a few bricks? We got 'em. All ya' want. I'll try to get some pictures if you are interested. Some prices too, of course. The Amish will probably buy a load of them. They can still buy and sell on the market because they are not system suckers like everybody else. They do not nurse from the bosom of Skag. And by the way. The Amish are growing gardens this year like crazy. They are really going to produce. A lot of them are turning over some pasture land for the sake of added garden. And they don't watch TV or read news papers or hang out at the bars. They are just very aware of what is going on. This mess is not rocket science folks. Corn will be expensive this year so plant a lot of it to save and can and dry. Get non-hybrid seed as often as you can. Saving seed for next year will be a wonderful thing come the day, if you know what I mean. And the Amish are not pacifists like some of them would have you believe. There are a lot of SKS rifles stuck back in those farm houses and plenty of ammo to feed them. Life ain't like Friendly Persuasion. You go down there looting and robbing and you will be composted. Those boys have worked very hard to get what they have and they are not going to let some jerk come and take it. So there are two things I want you to remember: The Amish are growing HUGE gardens this year and they are armed. This should tell you that something is up. This should tell you that you should be paying attention. You should be getting your ass in gear. Get out of town on some land you can control and get your food planted. Could save your life.

You know, I don't do this for money. None of my guest writers have ever asked for a dime. I don't ask for donations. I don't hustle sales. The only commercial backing I have given is Big John's Survival Seed and I did that because I think it is a damn good idea. Big John gave everyone a chance to get good seed at a very low price in good quantity. I could not send you anywhere else and get a better deal. And I read seed catalogues from all over the fucking country. Big John whipped their ass. And I want to tell you something, and it might piss ol' John off but that is just part of life, I reckon. Don't you dare sell any of your seed to John or anybody else until YOUR VERY OWN NEEDS ARE MET. You get your stuff put away for the Winter and your family taken care of and you get THE NEXT YEAR'S GARDEN SEED SAVED UP ALSO. Save your food and save your seed. What the hell do you think non-hybrid seed is for? You get both of these taken care of and then you can sell seed to John or anybody else for that matter. If I had these requirements fulfilled for myself I would be happy to sell to John Lipscomb. After all, he was the guy who ate the market for all of us! Doesn't seem out of place to give him a break on extra seed! Hell no. But the idea is that you are supposed to plant and store your Winters food out of your garden. Just like your forefathers did once upon a time. You are to be free of the system and all the regulations. Your food is supposed to be clean and holsum and nutritious. So get with the program!

And do not think that growing your own food and preserving it for the Winter is going to be a bed of roses. People will be out to steal your food. They will be out to force you to give them food. You must be ready to stop the forced taking of your sustenance. Do not give the children's meat to dogs.

We have got to talk about something that a lot of folks would just as soon walk over and forget about. And that is we have lost the will to convert. As we gather into our communal villages we will need folks who see life much as we see it within the clan, or at least be will to learn of it. We need to convert these people! And that means we need to do something besides give them a port in the storm. Anyone will grab a raft in a flood but just a few will like joining up with the ideas that made the raft possible. Once the danger is gone, so are the new people. We must convert folks to our ideas. We must convert folks to the concept of living a decent life in a clean environment and raising their babies in a good environment. Every village will have it's own way and I for one am willing to see the results of their effort.

Many men and women have philosophized about how to live life. Show me their city. Show me the town they built and it's present prosperity. I want to see the proof of it with my own eyes. I want to see their economic base and their schools and their meetings. Everybody can run their gums and say how life is to be lived but damned few can produce it before your very eyes. There are producers and there are suckers. I am wanting to get to know the producers. The suckers we have with us always. It is like the gardens we grow. Lots of volunteers to help eat the fresh vegetables but practically no one to help weed the damn thing. I am looking for the people who can produce it from the beginning to the end. They are the people I will talk to and meet with. Let the talking cease and the work begin. Get the buildings built and the gardens in and the schools going and the businesses running. Fuck all the forums and the chat rooms and all that crap. Get busy and get it up and going! And stay alive.



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