Monday, February 9, 2009


Just sittin' here thinkin' about the big bag of split peas the woman has in the freezer right now. They are dried, of course, but they are going through our sanitation process of getting frozen for a few days. Makes me feel good about preps, you know. Come hell or high water we have some food for our bellies. We would have to suffer a domicile calamity to lose our food. But we are not the final authority of our survival, God is, so we do what we can and hang on to his mercy.

It's 54 degrees outside. Supposed to get up to 63 or 64 tomorrow and about the same Tuesday. I reckon folks will start going outside in their T-shirts and we will have some mild cases of pneumonia. Happens every year. You get a warm spell in February and people think that Winter is over and all hell breaks loose in various homes as people come up with sick kids. All kinds of anti-biotics will be handed to the kids like M&M's in an effort to get them cured and healthy. This is one of those times of the year when people lower their personal resistance to disease by taking meds that will not do a damn thing for them except lower their own immune system. Do yourself a favor and just take a lot of Vitamin C. Megadoses were advised by Dr. Linus Pauling. He won TWO Nobel Prizes you know. Sharp cookie. So do as Dr. Pauling said and take a lot of C. And don't go to the hospital except as a last resort. They will be buried with patients and the place is an excellent spot to pick up stronger germs.

It's Monday morning now and I have slept well during the night. I thank God for a good night's sleep. Meeting was fairly lively and I heard a rambling dissertation on how God could save us from financial calamity. It is very true! God most certainly could save us from the coming had times. I don't think he is going to do that but you can never tell. But God IS God and can do as he wishes. Man has made this bed and he can lie in it. I keep telling people that error is it's own reward. That is just another way of saying that "as a man soweth, so shall he reap." Greed, ignorance, and failure to take heed are the root causes for our present distress. America got too pre-eminent. She thought it could not happen to her. It looks to me as if she is about to find out just how favored she is at this point in time. Obama has better keep the national defense forces up to snuff while he is in office. I have a funny feeling we are going to need them. Bustedknuckles over at Ornery Bastard got his neighbor's trailer moved and his old Rat Trap sold this weekend. Talk about walking with God! Now, if he can just keep from getting fired today he will be just fine. I wish him well. He is a bit of a demented mutha and probably will not alter his behavior much to suit his boss. We shall see. He just happens to be a primo mechanic and garage supervisor. When things get tough the guys who can really do what they are advertised to do are usually the last to get put out of the labor force. No truck owner wants to pay for a bunch of needless bullshit when times are tough. The truck owner wants it fixed right the first time! Can't afford long drug-out affairs and extra fees.

I'll get off this rant. Keep an eye on the news and find out how the bankers are squeezing for more bail-out money. They ought to let them all go tits up and just start some new banks. Only start lots of little ones and not these mega-banks that drag everyone down when they screw it up. Stay alive!


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Bustednuckles said...

Thank you kindly for the nice words,
Yes, I am a demented mutha, I am also real.
What you see is what you get.
Thanks again, that was as nice as I have ever seen.