Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am surprised that Tim Geithner and Ben Bernake still have their jobs. These bastards are the very bunch that got us into this mess and we still have them around to run the salvage operation? What is going on? These morons don't have the sense to tie their shoes, let alone rescue the American economy.

George Ure over at has given us 90 to 120 days before the shit hits the fan. He seems fairly sure of this and maybe he damn well should be. He also had a pretty big paragraph up about how to raise a forest garden. Sort of a stealth food production method. We will get in a garden if I have to stand guard with a 12 gauge. Ain't anybody but God gonna keep me from it. The wife was out digging Sassafras and Poke root today. Found plenty. Her foraging skills will help us this Spring when the garden is not quite producing as yet. Love them Lambs Quarters. Good stuff.

Talked to an old friend over by Salem, Indiana, yesterday and he is getting ready for hard times. Not a whole lot but some. He has a few cases of canned goods and will have a garden. He runs a few head of beef and will have meat. His neighbor has chickens and eggs. He has a hand pump right outside his back door and he also has a spring. The spring will water his stock. He has plenty of ammo and a few guns. He has a wife and a 15 tear old stepson who likes him. Some horses are in the mix also.

I just finished listening to Big John this Tuesday evening. He has become the largest seller of non-hybrid seed in the nation. Applause for Big John Lipscomb! But he is running low on seed from the great demand he is trying to fill so he is selling a smaller packet of seed. But the days of the 15,000 seed assortments are over for a while. I'm glad I got mine last year!

I had braised Pheasant for supper tonight. It didn't cost us a thing and the wife cooked it to perfection. Too damn bad they don't grow around here. You can find them up in the far northern counties of Indiana but not down South. There is a microbe that goes through the shell of the eggs and kills the baby inside. The adults can make it just fine down here but they can't reproduce. Bummer.

I hope everyone is getting their gear and food together and getting ready for the assault on humanity I think is coming this Summer. We must give a good account of ourselves. But we can turn Blackwater into gray water, if you catch my drift. I will be doing what I can to enlarge my non-hybrid seed stash this coming few weeks. I just feel to plant a lot of corn and beans. They can get mighty boring but they will pack a gut as good as anything.

Lots of talk on radio about taking on the NWO right here in the US of A. According to that URL that Mike Kemp sent me and I put up for you folks to read, we can do it without much problem. The surge in Afghanistan will lower the troop levels in this country again. But if the bastards in the NWO want a fight I reckon they can get all they want right here. People are pissed. This country, this WORLD, has gone insane. And an insane animal is very dangerous. Just do the best you can and stay alive!



scoutinlife said...

Not much in Pheasant around my kneck of the wood either but they are good eating....

Mayberry said...

Wild game always seems to taste better than the factory meat in the grocery store. Especially when cooked as it was meant to be, over a flame. Mmmmmmm......

Things are getting much tighter. I can almost feel the tension in Obammy's voice lately. The talk radio heads are gettin' plenty pissed of late, and it's about damn time! The bullshit meters are peggin' out on more folks I work with too, regarding the bailout, and especially the sneaking in of socialist "healthcare". If I were Daschle, I wouldn't show my mug near any senior centers! HA!

An older feller who came to look at my boat last weekend is locked and loaded, and was amazed when I told him of the 4 guns I've purchased, and my stash of ammo. I also gave him the "out of my cold, dead hands" line, and he said "me too", and was glad to hear someone else say it.

The anger is building......

Barb said...

I hope that I have neighbors like you when I move south in a month or two. I can't decide between northeast Texas or southeast Oklahoma.Any thoughts?
And I have read in several places that there are over one million foreign troops in the US, thanks to NATO. From germany, Holland, Russia, Poland, etc. I read the report to the CFR online about the "possibility" of a terrorist attack of anthrax or smallpox. They guessed (almost gleefully) that it would wipe out about 35% of the nation. I am going to get a smallpox vaccine soon I think, what with the chemtrails all over the place.

Staying Alive said...

The anger is building and wild food DOES have an elegance all of it's own.

Barb, if I were you I would stay away from the Tex-Mex border as far as I could. It could get nasty down there.