Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It snowed like crazy this morning. Not much going on with our road. Cars are covered in snow if they haven't been moved. The kids are still home. They last went to school on January 26. Looks like an extended school year once again. Indiana has a mandatory number of days when students have to be in school and if there is days when they can't have school then they just add those days to the end of the school year. The kids are looking at a June let-out now. With their normal August return, of course. Indiana is so dumb. They have school when the State Fair is on and you get your ass in trouble if you take off and go. What a bunch of jerks. One of the few things we do here that make any sense and they make it a crime to attend. But kids might get the idea that they can raise animals and grow food and make wool clothing and other kinds of subversive shit and you know the authorities don't want any of that going on. Kids might learn how to raise chickens that produce eggs and things like that. They might be stimulated toward self sufficiency and other nefarious attitudes. So it's to hell with the State Fair and get the kids into school where they can be taught Al Gore's idea of global warming. I remember when my son came home about ten years ago with the idea that by 2020 we would be out of breathable air anyhow so the future was hopeless. I just about went nuts on that one. I did not go down to the school and raise hell with the dumb bitch or bastard who said that. And believe me, I have no fear of school authorities. I will get in their face in a heartbeat. But I was not concerned with an attitude adjustment to the teachers. I was concerned about that shit being put in my son's head. I think I got all the bad stuff out of there. If I didn't he surely got the idea that we were not going to have it spoken in our house! He has a young daughter now and I think he is planning on her having breathable air in the future. I have told the mother of my grandchild that if the shit ever hits the fan she is to get the girl to me as soon as possible.

The cats are sorta put off by the snow that blew onto the porch this morning. The big male is making all kinds of noise wanting food and such. He is not a 'people' type of cat. He doesn't go in for petting and sitting on laps and things like that. He basically wants food and to be left alone. We humans are tolerated because we provide food. For our reward he kills bats that have the audacity to fly around on the porch in the Summertime. He leaves them right outside the door so that we might know he was steadfast in his cat functions. Whenever he blasts a plump tender Dove he does not leave that for us poor bipeds. He will eat that himself. Plump, tender, succulent young Dove for a gastronomic treat. I saw him nail one right outside the window one day. Big dumb Dove just checking out the bannister and then BOOM, feathers going everywhere. He was so proud of himself. I would have given him a bit of wine to go with the Dove but he doesn't drink it. He just brought it over by my feet and proceeded to rip it apart. He went for the breast first.

I am sitting in my warm apartment with my food stash and my wife's Y2K stove nearby in case the power goes out I wonder how any dumbasses there are out in the world who wish they had such an arrangement. You read about the weeks that Kentucky might be out of power. I read an item on a blog this morning that said that the National Guard troops called out by the Governor of KY made notes as to who was prepared and who wasn't. That is kind of humorous in a way and kinda upsetting in another. What business is it of the Kentucky National Guard how much preps you have? If they came to my house and asked about food I would tell them that 17 adults lived at my place and we had NO FOOD. "Hey Buddy! Can you spare an MRE?" Never give the government an even break! They have ripped you off for decades upon decades and if you see a chance to get some of your money back, take it for chrissake. Didn't anyone pay attention to that story in the Bible about the Hebrew people spoiling the Egyptians? If God gives you the opportunity to make off of them you take it and take it gladly. Show Ol' God how happy you are with any bounty he might set in front of you.. This game of Patriotism that is played by the preppers as well as the fedgov is getting pretty boring. We ain't loyal to them and they DAMN sure ain't loyal to us. The charade must end in your minds, my friends. I don't care what you do in handling your "public" face but for God's sake don't convince yourself that your are a loyal citizen of the scumbag government. This government is handing out your money to banks and special interest groups like it was candy at Halloween. Call them up and say you need a bail-out because you got into some trouble with your money management and you need to pay off your house. See how far you get with that little story! You will find out that you are not a friend but rather an enemy of the state! It's all rigged against you and you may as well face it. I read a piece by Mish Shedlock yesterday that said the cure for a recession is a recession. I also read a piece that said the difference between a recession and a depression was going hungry? I reckon we will know we are in a depression when we start of go hungry. Boy! Am I ever glad that got settled in my mind! When that great monster HUNGER stalks the land we will know we are in a depression. I hope the fools who aren't getting prepared are making note of this.

I got some comments about The Jack In The Box and it getting out when you don't need it. Let Ol' Jack stay in there. If they are not taking your preps or your family then stay calm, cool, and collected. Don't let them provoke you into doing something stupid. If they come for your preps and/or your family then blow them away. Then haul ass somewhere that nobody knows about and hole up. More and more people will start blowing people away as time passes and it could become a national sport. A lot of talk radio is being sponsored by folks who are making promises to help you hide your wealth from the fedgov. In case you haven't figured that out, that is rebellion against the government. I don't care what CNN or Fox News or MSNBC says, the government is NOT popular in this country. Neither are the banks or the stock brokers.

Rebel, my friends, and stay alive!


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