Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The wife is back from the Amish store and is making creamed chicken and biscuits for supper. Biscuits and gravy with no sausage. Not as good but tolerable for sure. I like chicken but I am thinking about getting into rabbits. Rabbits breed quickly and make a lot more rabbits and that means a lot more food. Also, I am not fluent in the ways of raising chickens from eggs. So rabbits it is. Funny how things get started.

I had a memorable exchange of emails these last couple of days with a man who is noted for his survival skills and determination. He was talking about the Solar Max that is scheduled to arrive here at our little planet about 2012 or 2014. It will be hot and probably dry. He bewailed the fact that no one was preparing for this occurrence. I responded by saying that is not the political way in this country. See, we will first have to identify a false enemy, ourselves this time, and then we will have to declare war on the heavens as if it was really our fault. It won't be our fault but Al Gore and his merry Band of Fraudsters will be right out front in blaming us for the Sun. Way to go, Al Babe! Such a great 21st Century American. Then we will have a lot of legislation passed that will deny a cow the ability to fart. Then we will levy a tax on toilet flushing and also a good one on carbon emission. Lots of companies that make "green" stuff will be working three shifts to get the product out to the American public that will save them from global warming. Al's carbon trading firm will be doing a land office business over there in England where it is head quartered.

I just checked the market and it is down almost 200 points for the day. Time for the Presidential Push Team to get in there and buy at high prices! The DJIA is starting to test the 7000 limit now. Gold is still hanging in there at around $1000 dollars an ounce. Corn is down to about $3.61 a bushel and soybeans are at $8.76 a bushel. And the crop is going in come May and June. Funny thing but farm prices are to go to hell this Summer but food is supposed to go up quite a bit. But we will have food if I have anything to say about it. God gave us a big Spring of water to feed our plants and we will make it okay. At least I hope we will make it okay! About 20 years ago we had temperatures down to 35 below zero and we made it okay. I reckon we can withstand a funny Summer. I just don't see any reason to push the frost date this year. If I don't get to plant until June the 1st I will be okay. Sure will be happy to plant my non-hybrid seed I got from Big John. If you go to his web site called http://survivalistseeds.com/ you will find a lot of very useful information as to how you can grow your own food and save your own seed. That info is worth a lot in this day and age. You use every trick in the book to survive. It is a no-holds-barred contest. What ever works and gets you fed is the winner! But you must think about the future while you are at it. You have to have food the next year too, you know. It is now four p.m. and the DJIA is down almost 250 points. The Dow stands at 7114.

I have been reading over on www.dollarcollapse.com and the facts are coming out that we are about to be handed our asses once again with a major backing of Citi Bank and Bank of America. And I know that we will all get screwed by this but let me tell you something. These two banks are the main intersections in our credit industry in this country. Every charge card purchase you make passes through one of those banks. They form the interchange for the American economy. So they will be kept up for one excuse or another because they handle the nations business. And you know the fedgov can't do it. No way in hell.

I leave you with the thought that you really need to read the Dragon today at http://circleoftheoroborous-dragon.blogspot.com/. It is a SCREAM. If you are put off by a little bit of non-church language you might be offended but you and I both know you can take it. Read this bad mutha! And stay alive.




Dragon said...

I've been thinking about rabbits also.
meat rabbits are damn fine eating and easy to work with. Thanks for the link. I'm hipping people will enjoy "Embrace the Horror".

Ken said...

...watch the 'all rabitt' diets Brother,no fat in 'em at all(unless you eat the brain and entrails)...don't remember specifics but,trappers back in the day went sick from the extra lean diets...we need 'fat' to function,off the wall i know,maybe someone else will be able to elaborate on this...

Staying Alive said...

Ken, Thanks for the reminder about the rabbit meat being very low on fat. I will try to remember!