Thursday, February 26, 2009


True colors shining through.

Remember when the Tan Tyrant pleaded with the American people to stop
buying guns and ammo? 'I'm not going to take your guns,' sez he.

It seems that Americans with a clue know that politicians hate armed
citizens,.and that lies are the stock in trade of politicians. Since
it became obvious that Obama was coming to power, and since his record
of hatred for armed citizens is clear, there has been the biggest run
on guns in history. It is all but impossible to find ARs and AKs and
other magazine-fed rifles. It is all but impossible to find handguns,
particularly semiautos.

It is all but impossible to find 223 and 7.62x39 ammo. It is all but
impossible to find 308. 30-'06, a caliber not fired by any military
weapon since the early 50s is outrageously expensive and difficult to
find. It is even difficult and expensive to find 22 rimfire ammo, much
less 9mm or 45 or 40.

Americans are buying weapons and ammo by the train load.... as they
did when Slick Willy and that generation of politicians gave us the
first 'assault weapon' ban, but the current buying spree makes the one
before the first 'assault weapon' ban look paltry and weak.
It becomes apparent why the feds have made no effort of any
consequence to close the borders to illegals.

It becomes apparent that the war on drugs is and has always been a
sham, nothing but a ploy for more power over us.

First it was Colombian narco gangs. Now it's Mexican narco gangs. And
now the Tan Tyrant and his boy (yes, his boy) are going to attempt to
disarm Americans of anything resembling effective weaponry in the
effort to fight MEXICAN drug gangs?

Get'em while you can, boys and girls. And get fodder for them, too.
Look to the Tan Tyrant's home state if you want to see what he's up
to. Firearms Owner ID card. You have to have explicit permission from
the state for every weapon you own. And you can't buy ammo for a
weapon not listed. If you don't have a 'registered' 9mm, you can't buy
9mm ammo. If you don't have a 'registered' 223, you can't buy 223
ammo. And God help you if you are caught hunting or shooting at a
range with a weapon that you don't have a FOID for. And since those
who operate ranges are generally licensed, they will be required to be
surrogates for the feds in making sure that anyone patronizing their
facilities have their appropriate FOIDs. Need to get a weapon
repaired? Only licensed people will be able to work on weapons. If
they are licensed, in order to keep their licenses, they will also be
surrogates for the feds.

Go read the text of HR45.

Watch. Soon enough 'assault' weapons will go from 'grandfathered' to
'register them to be able to keep them'. Then from registered, to
collected. 'We just can't have these military weapons in civilian

Scalia and the DC Gun Ban decision guaranteed that we will be disarmed
of effective weaponry. So much for a 'right' to keep and bear arms.
Our 'right' has been converted to a privilege subject to approval of
the goobers. When will the 'right' of free speech and the free press
be subject to license? Will 'assault printers' be banned? Isn't the
pen mightier than the sword?

It's all a sham, and a transparent sham, at that. Welcome to the
Obomination. Make ready-- for subjugation, or war.



Mayberry said...

I am sooooo glad I got that Mosin M44 enroute to me. I am soooooo glad I bought that extra sardine can of 7.62x54r. What I lack in the "spray and pray" department, I more than make up for in the "one shot, one kill" department.... "Out of my cold, dead hand".....

Staying Alive said...

Mayberry, I hope I never have to use my guns in anger but woe be unto the man who thinks I will not do it. I am sick of being punished for other peoples mistakes. And I still don't know about those Mexican drug cartels. They could be freedom fighters for all I know. Gotta make a living while you do it! John Hancock was a notorious smuggler and financed the American revolution. He signed the Declaration of Independence with a huge signature. Those guns the British came after at Concord and Lexington were cannon that John Hancock contributed to the cause. The boys didn't want to givve those babies up!

It is coming down to the wire and the wire is the truth that the Second Amendment is for the defense of the people against their own fucking government.