Friday, February 13, 2009


The bond markets are crashing. Governments are wondering what the hell to do. Interests rates are the lowest in recorded history. What is going on? The answer to that little question is, "We have too much credit!" Everyone has borrowed to the max and there is now a time of reckoning. Gold has been rising. The dollar has been rising. What the hell can explain this? My friend Charles Bell explained it thusly: We are looking at two different mind sets. The dollar is rising because currency freaks all over the globe are getting out of their respective country's currency and are going to the dollar for security. I didn't say this would make sense I just said it is a mind set in play at this time. Gold is rising because a lot of people are starting to think the dollar is going to turn to shit and they want the safety and security of precious metals. So the usual cliche of dollar up equals gold down is not working at this time. It's just a matter of time before that will be cured, however. It pays to notice that the HAVES are looking for a place, ANY PLACE, where they can store their wealth while the global economy takes a dump. No matter what the commercials may say, no matter what the politicians do, the real wealth is looking for a place to hide. That is so they can come back and start the game again when the hard times are over. And millions of morons will welcome them back with open arms, anxious to get back into their debt cycle and their consumerism. And the Chinese government has said it will keep on buying US Treasury bills for the simple reason there is not better place to put their money. Mao must be rolling in his grave.

Where does this leave us, the lowly preppers with the high aspiration of living through this mess? It leaves us out in the country with our gardens and our preps. It leaves us with our friends. And it merely strengthens our resolve to survive. And we must survive to tell the tale of freedom and hope that is the message for this stupid world we live in. We must survive to tell the world about the idiocy of the system that failed. We must tell them about the evils of debt and compound interest. We must tell them that there is no excuse for making some soulless banker rich. We must explain that the joy of familyism and close friends makes more happiness than any pile of money. We have not seen it yet but the time is coming when money will be a joke. A fire starter. A butt wipe. A good meal and a warm fire in cold weather will be a very well thought of event.

I have a friend coming with a big box truck pulling a trailer, all containing preps for pre-positioning. It will be a few weeks but it is on the way. I hope all of you can get into the countryside before the shit hits the fan. That way you will not be a Walmartian who takes their last breath in the parking lot of their favorite store. I will be guarding the preps and I will probably do a better job than the railroad in New Mexico that is getting robbed. Here is the story.�One of my best friends in the whole world is coming today to go for a little ride on Beer Ridge Road. We will be doing a little sipping as we hide in the woods and stay the hell away from other folks. Maybe he will be pre-positioning some preps here soon. He is the best gardener in the state. There is a couple more that might make it in for the show. Should not be any problem getting people for security at the garden. I would not want to tamper with that garden in any kind of a thieving manner. Too many mouths to feed as it is.

I got an article this Friday morning from Mike Kemp that said we were getting low on some prescription drugs in this country because we were not producing them any more. The Chinese had been making them and they weren't making any money, so to hell with shipping drugs to America. All those corporate partnerships and what not are defunct. They were nothing more than American owned and Chinese run places anyhow. Cheap Asian labor producing products for the American consumer. And who gives a rat's ass about the American consumer these days?

Stay alive.


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