Friday, February 27, 2009


It's getting kinda scary out across the land. I read an article on MSNBC this morning about the Mexican drug cartels are using American purchased semi-automatic weapons to fight the police down Mexico way. I have a bit of a bone to pick with this article. How does a plain old drug gang get to be called a cartel? Sure did move those monkeys up a notch on the evolutionary ladder. And how does the American Attorney General know where the guns were bought? Have the run the numbers on all of the guns in Mexico? But it makes a good excuse for the AG to start talking about banning semi-auto weapons here in the USA. Sho 'nuff, Mr. Holder, go ahead and ban those weapons! You might even try to confiscate those we already have, you yellow livered NWO dog. You are going to declare martial law as soon as this stuff in Mexico crosses the border and you WILL get it to come here. You already know how you are going to do it. It is already planned and set to go. So we get a gun ban and martial law. And we didn't commit any crime, we just happen to be here. The other guys are the criminals but we get the beating. How original! And we don't really know that this is all drug activity. Could be just a bunch or two that are tired of the corrupt governments they have down in Mexico. I mean, John Hancock had the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence and he was flat out a smuggler. He was the guy who smuggled in those crew served weapons that were used against the British. That was the cause of that wonderful day at Lexington and Concord when the British had their asses handed to them as they were being run back to Boston. Some guys have all the fun.

Most butt-face Americans don't know what is in the Patriot Act. They trust the fedgov, don't ya know. Well, between the Patriot Act and some Executive Orders signed by Clinton and Bush, all they have to do is declare a national emergency and the government OWNS us. They can take the power grid, the fuel, the food, the vehicles, the land, the weapons, the whole goddamn ball of wax. And then they can relocate your ass to a FEMA camp or wherever they choose, all in the name of national security, don't ya know. And a machine politician from Chicago is quite capable of doing this very thing. He ain't going to make his mark in history by riding out this economic calamity we are going through right now so he will try to make the history books by well handling a national emergency of some kind of proportion. Mexico is having a problem and we will be beaten for it.

So I say come on and do your best! Lock and load you crazy bastards because I can guarantee that I will! And some of the readers of this blog will get with the program too! "You know you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run!" Hah! This is OUR country and you are a servant, not the boss. So start serving me and quit being so goddamn meddlesome. Or we will fire your ass! We can do that, you know. We can toss your ass into the street and there ain't anything you can do about it. There are millions of us and damn few of you.

As you can easily see, I am getting tired of being the victim of banks and stockbrokers and politicians. I have not done any of this wretched shit that is causing trouble around the globe and I DO NOT WANT PUNISHED FOR IT. I lived on $741 a month last year and I will tell you that is not a lot of money. But I made it. I lost my pick-up truck but I have learned to live with that. I have a few canned goods for the wife and I in case the system collapses and I am thankful for every can of the stuff. I have some seed for a garden this year and will try to feed those who have not gotten ready in case the thing does a belly flop. I have never owned a share of stock in my life and neither does anyone in this village that I know of.

SO GET OFF OUR ASSES! Take the problems somewhere else. But get it away from the American people. Most of them are just a bunch of dumb, ignorant pukes who merely believed your bullshit about the American Dream. They work hard and they pay their taxes. They raise their kids as best they know how. They even try to educate their children in your stupid schools. HAH! Our women beat the ass off of you guys with their home schooling. You can't even run a goddamn school. You ignorant fucks! But I am telling you to get the problems away from us and don't make us responsible for fixing them cause we are innocent of the crime and we don't need the added burden. This will be your Summer Of Hell if you don't get it in gear. I promise you this.

Stay alive.



shiloh1862 said...


I agree....Here is an email I got

Gents, thanks for a fine article. However, with regard to weaponry coming from the US, please be advised that Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) used by the Cartels are made in the PRC and former Combloc countries and not in the USA.

Also the grenades found in the US coming from Mexico are of Chinese or Combloc origin. many of the small arms, like fully automatic AK-47s are illegal in the USA and come from China or former Combloc nations. They should not be confused with the semi-auto look-alike weapons made and sold in the USA which are of no use to the Cartels as they are not machine guns. They are merely ugly like their military ancestors but are no different in action than a semi-auto hunting rifle sold at Big-5 or Oshman's and of far less power.

Fully automatic M16s, while made in the USA (or abroad under license) are military weapons sold to approved by State Dept. military units and governments abroad, then stolen and smuggled in to Mexico and elsewhere. Automatic weapons are not available in the USA over the counter and require paperwork, background checks, huge fees and approval and subsequent regular inspections of the privately-owned arm by BATF. BATF has not reported thefts or loss of personally owned Class III (Full auto selective fire). BATF should be able to provide you back-trace information proving that the weapons seized in Mexico, while made here or abroad under license, were stolen from the end-user, illegally acquired and smuggled in to Mexico by the Cartels from elsewhere than the US.

Class III Automatic weapons are not available at US Dealers and Gun shows and only through Class III
BATF approved dealers for sale to approved purchasers after arduous examination. Grenades and RPGs
are not available for sale anywhere domestically and the only source is by thefts from military arsenals, which are very few if federal stats are any indication. Combloc grenades are easier to obtain and much cheaper.

What has traditionally gone south from the USA since 1912 have been pistols, hunting rifles and shotguns, purchased by Mexican-American citizens holding dual citizenship, gang members and affiliates, legal immigrants (who may purchase per federal law) and Mexican Police and Judicial Federales who also happen to possess a US Driver's License, which is all the documentation required for completing a BATF Domestic Firearm Registration/Sales form 4473. These parties still to this date purchase lawful firearms in the US and smuggle them south. If they have a US State Driver's license they may do so and a Driver's license is easy to acquire. That they lie on these forms is manifestly evident.

We in law enforcement have been seeing more illegal weapons coming IN to the USA from Mexico along the same routes the drugs are transported. STRATFOR and US law enforcement agencies along the border have also reported the recent and heretofore unseen phenomena of arms coming North being used in cartel actions in US cities.

Fully automatic weapons, (Selective Fire) known in the USA as Class III Arms, are legal to privately possess in 35 states, are strictly controlled, and none have ever been reported as stolen and having surfaced in Mexico, much less having been used in a crime in the USA. My point about the above data is that Mexico is also suffering from an influx of Military arms coming from external sources other than the US that began with the Chinese in the mid 1980s. The Chinese tried it in the USA and were caught, the most memorable incident being the indictment of one Col. Robert Ma, PLA, a representative of the PLA owned Arms Company POLYTECH who fled the US for China after he was caught delivering a container load of full auto military AK47s by US Customs and BATF in a sting operation in California.

Mexico's blame on the USA and claim that it is the origin of all the military small arms they encounter is self-serving as they do not control their coasts any better than they do their borders. Chinese shipments of Selective fire weapons have been known to be dropped in Mexico since the mid 80s. Everyone who has spent time in Mexico or in in Law Enforcement along the US/Mexican Border knows that having a firearm in Mexico is a matter of paying the Mordida (bribe) to possess one or more in contravention of Mexican law as the numerous armed men employed by Hacienderos throughout Mexico demonstrates.

For Mexican Officials to blame the US as the primary black market source for arming the cartels with military hardware is disingenuous and denies smuggling from other external sources and pleads ignorance of the complex multiple standards in Mexico applied to the various classes within the Mexican Population as to who may own a firearm, as has been the case since the laws were written after the Mexican Revolution in 1912. In essence since then, no one in Mexico could own any firearm but a shotgun. Mexico is crawling with non-military arms other than legal shotguns and has been since long before the rise of the Cartels.

This is not a new problem in Mexico. Blaming the US, however, for the military hardware the Cartels use is a way of deflecting observance of endemic corruption and the fact that the political will does not exist to confront and root out these violent criminals who are destroying a once beautiful country and a wonderful people.

Thank you again for a very fine article and allowing me to fill in some salient points.

Jay, Narcotics Investigator, Court Certified Narcotics and Small Arms Expert, Retired LEO


Ken said...

...+1 Michael,we gotta effect change soon Brother,or the great experiment is over...

scoutinlife said...

Great post! I qoute "SO GET OFF OUR ASSES! Take the problems somewhere else. But get it away from the American people" Says it all!

scoutinlife said...

Great post!I quote you Michael " GET OFF OUR ASSES! Take the problems somewhere else. But get it away from the American people.." Say's it all!

John said...

I worked with a guy from Mexico who swore up and down that all the guns in Latin America came from the CIA who in turn, delivered them to keep the people busy killing each other. Crazy, but that is how people think in other countries.
The bottom line is whatever is happening in Mexico, is Mexico's problem and should not make a bit of difference in the U.S. internal affairs. U.S. radio stations can be heard in Mexico, should we shut those down too due to their influence on the Mexican population? Of course not.
AG Holder is and will be one of the most vigilant anti-gunners ever to hold the title. He will not stop until BB guns and slingshots are outlawed.
Our only hope, Obi Wan, lies in the bigger and more pressing problems facing the country right now. Also, anti gun laws have typically resulted in public relations nightmares for Democrats. More than a few remember what happened in 1994 and the first AWB. Finally, there is not an outcry in the U.S. for gun control. People are more concerned about their jobs, their dwindling money and whether or not they will keep their homes. Both Holder and Obama will hold their horses until the time is ripe. Note: Congress, namely a Republican rep, managed to sneak in a pro gun article to the Washington DC congressional vote. He-he...

Mayberry said...

A damn fine post Michael! One of your best....

erniesjourney said...

Michael - you have outdown yourself with this one!!! The best and so well said - what I would like to say but I play nice on my blog - LOL! Hate them, tired of the games - just want to live in peace, raise our kids and run our farm and get away from all this slavery that has been foisted upon us by the "american dream" which I now know is the american bull shit - that gets deeper every day.

Great post friend!

I am right there with you - thick or thin - time to stand tall (well as tall as 5'1" will get ya anyway!!)!!