Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Handmaiden went prepping today. Pretty good haul! She bought 16 big containers of spices for a dollar apiece. I told her to get things that would up the interest in rice and beans. She accomplished that with her maximum goodness. It's nice to have a pretty sharp cookie on your side. She also found a liter of Bartolinni Extra Heavy Premium Virgin Olive Oil for $6. Now that was a find! She also found a pint of Blueberry Syrup with whole berries in it for $1. We gotta get on the stick when it comes to laying up syrup. I caught a pancake disease from Charles Bell and we have a lot of the "Just add water" prepared mix and will be feeding and eating it when the shit hits the fan. Pancakes in the morning will fill you up and get you going. I got a little post from my friend Michael LaMar this evening and he says I can pass it on to you. Here 'tis.

Dear Mr. Boone:

Wife has the expertise to can meat . We have enjoyed venison scraps that the hunters reject, canned in pint glass jars, and the meat tastes better just knowing that we can actually lay it up without freezing it, etc. We actually did this a few years ago, it lasted for nearly 18 months. Basically, front arms, neck, ribs. No internal organs,etc. Tastes like fresh,cooked meat, slightly salty! Good for meat dishes, soups, and omelettes. (pardon my French). Good for stir-fries with wild greens, olive oil, butter, wild garlic/onions, iron skillet. I have been considering canning squirrels, chipmunk, and songbirds. They are easy to hunt in your own backyard, you can feed them, and kill them with bb or pellet guns, discreetly. Please post this, if you desire, to my fellow countrymen.



I like posts like this. If you are of a mind to live simply, you can feed the little squirrels and chipmunks and birds and then harvest them as you need to eat them. My studies have shown me that eating just a pinch of meat in your beans and rice will up your protein intake a lot. Two or three ounces of Blackbird or Boat-tailed Grackle will keep you going! Kemp got me a pellet gun a few years ago and I'll bet I could kill a lot of smaller critters if I had a feeding place to ambush. Nothing like a good ambush. A few hours in a Crockpot or a Dutch Oven and things would be looking very good.

I am not going to write a lot tonight but I am thinking about some things to do in the future. I got a lot of great responses for today's two posts. And I want to thank every one who chose to send good words. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

A bit of peanut butter smeared on a tree limb seems to work good for the squirrels. So does Big John's "rat trap snare" heh heh heh.....

vlad said...

Staple through the cardboard box to secure the large rat trap inside.
Your nosy neighbor will see you carrying a box when you take it inside to remove the pigeon or squirrel.