Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well today Bloomburg is saying that junk bonds are selling very well. At least yesterday they did. Junk bonds are high yield and high risk. That is the shape of the market these days. I'm looking for the market to react to Obama's stimulus plan. What I have been able to read of it shows it to be a huge pork barrel extravaganza. So much pork it is unhealthy. What I very much do not like is Pelosi and Reid ramming it through congress and no one getting to read it before the vote. That is plain old total bullshit. Bush showed them how this works with his TARP bill of a couple months ago. Vote or else was the method. The Treasury was made not responsible. The means was Bush's threat of martial law. The country phoned and emailed in at 99% against the bail-out. The bill got passed anyway. So we got sold out. and we don't know what they sold us out with on this bill now. Are we gonna have any rights left after the dust settles? Is Nancy going to enjoy her flight and visit to Rome? Stay tuned as we watch "SOLD OUT" on the TV of life. And America is not going to rise up in arms to call a halt to this little drama. The citizenry is much too weak and stupid to realize what is being pulled on them. The complacency of the Walmartians. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

So we wait to hear the reports of how we fared with the stimulus bill. Being as how we are pretty far down on the food chain we will just be spoon fed what we are supposed to know and if we don't like it we can go to hell. Pretty nifty, don't you think? But we are prepping and keeping our eyes open and that counts for something. I don't think they can take me from my own home for any so called national security reason. I've been here 38 years and we ain't had any security problems yet.

I want to say right here that stress is THE killer. It gives you Cancer and Heart Disease and Arthritis and a host of other ailments. My wife and I were talking this afternoon about how much stress we have taken out of our lives and regained some peace in it's place. It is wonderful. And my food stash and my shotgun have gone a long way toward making this possible. The wife's Y2K stove is pretty nice and our emergency candles take some pressure off of us. We both know that God can do what he wishes and if he wants us gone then we will be gone. If he arranges to have us reaped via calamity then we will be gone that way. And that is why God is God. He is a God. But I sit here and I mind my own business and leave most folks alone to go their way. I blog a bit for fun and games and to transfer information. But I intend to keep the stress out of my life. And if there is anything in that stimulus bill that tries to bring stress back into my life, well, they had better not try to bring it in the door. I won't have it. These guys like John Lipscomb who have their little homesteads have in reality built themselves a little anti-stress survival machine. They don't want the bullshit all of their days. They want to gather the eggs and feed the chickens and the goats and feed the dogs and talk to the children and walk around and look at their little piece of land and enjoy it. And that is fine. And if they can figure out some way to pay the land taxes and keep themselves supplied with food then they are way ahead of the game. The drive to acquire and consume and grow is a big thing and I say to look at it very closely before you engage in it. Humans are always biting off more than they can chew. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Most apes die trying for one more coconut to add to their pile. Think about that last statement. Could you call a person an ape? Seems logical to me!

There is Apee and Apus, the male and female figures of the family. All their lives they devote to acquiring the products to be used in consumption. They try to get more of these products than the other Apes. You can call the products Coconuts. Apes want coconuts. Apee wants coconuts to attract Apus. And Apus goes to the ape who can do the best job of getting her a big pile of coconuts. This is basically the story of the evolution of mankind, folks. Just add the saying "Behind every man is a naked woman" and you pretty much have the story. To top it off, consider that the word man does not have a damn thing to doe with any of your sexual organs and woman is just the name of the human nature. You have now surpassed Freud and Adler and Jung. Congratulations to you all.

To give up the death march, the living in the hell of stress, you have to make certain decisions. You have to give up consumerism. You have to give up Idolatry. You have to learn to love peace and calmness. And here in this state you can learn about life and God.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

That's pretty much the long and short of it!

Ken said...

...mornin' Michael...good the analogies...the human animal is very primitive indeed,spirituality is all that seperates us from pond scum...

...on a side note,copyright the 'Walmartians' thing...laffedoutloud at that...